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  1. PBC

    Comment by 'PBC' in 'Bought another Wii today...'

    yeah. I think I heard something about the new ones come with 3.4 already on them. and you can bet that you won't be able to modify the boot2 on that one or downgrade without bricking. Try to use the hackmii installer, it will tell you if you can put bootmii on boot2 or not. My guess is no.
  2. PBC

    Comment by 'PBC' in 'Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL for $30!'

  3. PBC

    Comment by 'PBC' in 'Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL for $30!'

    Read this... and I quote from the website " Individual must be a student at a U.S. educational institution and must be actively enrolled in at least 0.5 course credit and be able to provide proof of enrollment upon request. Microsoft or Digital River may contact you to verify that you are a...
  4. PBC

    Comment by 'PBC' in 'Comptia A+ is an F minus'

    Just an update. The site is STILL DOWN. But I have met with a local computer services company and I am expecting a call this week to hopefully tell me I got the job. I will be very happy if I get this job and have a good salary coming to me.
  5. PBC

    Comment by 'PBC' in 'Missing in action? No!'

    You know, I vaguely remember spade. Sounds like a good guy. But I appreciate him coming back to inform people who missed him of his presence and such. Obviously some people couldn't care less, but he didn't post for you in the first place. And logging on using an account with zero posts to...
  6. PBC

    Comment by 'PBC' in 'Woot! WEP!'

    Filter by MAC address. That gives you a little more security. If you live around a ton of people in a high traffic area and do a lot of online banking and such then I would understand being concerned with WEP. But seriously I think most people are paranoid of having it cracked. Sure its easy if...
  7. PBC

    Comment by 'PBC' in 'Comptia A+ is an F minus'

    Yeah, I called the number on that page. I asked if they had an estimate of when they would be back online. They said No. I asked if there was any other way to register through their system and they said No I have to wait. Just for the record I'm not really letting this stop me from applying for...
  8. PBC

    Comptia A+ is an F minus

    So I am a certified IT technician thru the comptia A+ program. But if I were to go apply for a job and they ask for proof at the moment I wouldn't be able to provide it. Why you ask?? Because, not so subtle irony here, the portion of the A+ website were you go to confirm and officially register...
  9. PBC

    Comment by 'PBC' in 'Calling All Pre-Generation X GBA'ers!!'

    I remember atari and this keyboard that plugged into it and a plastic sesame street cover on it that went with the game. and coconotes and bunchs of other games. i do remember the sega master system and being pissed that it wasn't the 16-bit sega system when someone sold it to me. I returned...
  10. PBC

    Comment by 'PBC' in 'Its way better then fast food'

    Yeah. The router they use, unfortunately, has a password set for admin access. I tried to go to (the address of the gateway/Router) and it brought up the password page. But it did give me the model of router I was dealing with and I tried the default passwords for that router which...
  11. PBC

    Its way better then fast food

    If nothing about wendys wifi....point 3. Soo I got my own apartment acouple months ago. And I miss the net. Cause while I do love the internet much, I'm also very frugal and cautious. So i've been waitin to see how bills add up and see if I can squeeze an cable+internet bill into...
  12. PBC

    Comment by 'PBC' in 'ROMs'

    this is applicable to wii games as well. I've got a stack of them and I can't seem to bring myself to play most of them. its always a good idea to get them at the time, then I sit there and stare at them until I realize I never wanted to play them in the first place. its like a pac-man-pack-rat...
  13. PBC

    Comment by 'PBC' in 'Air Biscuits and Human Conditioning'

    To tell you the truth cavemen probably didn't think farts were funny. The only reason why we laugh at our stinkers is we our conscious and aware of societal implications of farting. I highly doubt cavemen had that degree of social cognition. Paint all the caves in france if you want, farts will...
  14. PBC

    Comment by 'PBC' in 'Why am I here most of the time'

    Nice post about being thankful for people helping you out with problems. Its too bad the only response you got so far was from someone who probably didn't give a shiz enough to read and appreciate what you were saying...maybe I should make a post about why I am NOT here most of the
  15. PBC

    Comment by 'PBC' in 'ejaculate later?'

    Google Kegels for men. It is an exercise that basically makes your...muscles... stronger which gives you better control over your orgasms. Doing these exercises correctly will give you better control, make you last longer, stay erect for longer, get it back up faster and also give you stronger...
  16. PBC

    Comment by 'PBC' in 'So I got a given a gift yesterday.'

    We are! VR! troppers, extreme! GO! (virtual reality) Troppers, extreme! GO!
  17. PBC

    Comment by 'PBC' in 'You've received a PSP 3000 bundle'

    No hack yet and I don't have a clue how long we are supposed to wait for one. I'm not big on the PSP scene. Even NEWER model 2000s aren't hackable yet...I know cause I just got one...
  18. PBC

    Comment by 'PBC' in 'Songs you can relate to the most. Lyric wise.'

    On a reggae kick with Desmond Dekker (Too much too soon or 007 Shanty town) hipsters...vampire weekend. Little bit of m79 or oxford comma? who knows...
  19. PBC

    Comment by 'PBC' in 'I just got a virtual pet toy'

    I used to piss off all my digi pets for fun, way back when they first started coming out. I had wack little koala's...and space monsters....and toy story ones.... anyway...they are cute when angry....wish I still had one.
  20. PBC

    Comment by 'PBC' in 'Screw work'

    Thats a great rhyme! Now I need a rhyme to help me remember just what Tight-y is for....Might-y? Slight-y ? Flight-y? Allllrighty
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