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    hear this, what do? i secretly love it
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    oh hey

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    Yes. Just yes.

    Do this. Now. Put your results up here I got 62.
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    Help for Assignment

    I have an English assignment, where I need to make a back cover for three games, but they must be in the thriller genre. We need to have a front cover for each, which is quite weird as we got it today, and its due in two days. The thriller genre as in, This , so its quite hard to do both in one...
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    OK. This tut is for those "upper class" people who have upgraded to 5.50-GEN B2, and want to learn how to get POPSLOADER working for 5.50-GEN B2. Be warned. I used Google carefully so I do not provide information on how to use PSARdumper etc. I found the .prxs thru a careful google search, and...
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    Free Gran Turismo for PSPGo?

    Was browsing through the Playstation Store,and found a Gran Turismo theme, that stated, " Download this theme before October 11th to receive a promotional code to download Gran Turismo off the Store for free." But then it said: "Compatible with PSPGo Systems ONLY" DAMMIT. Oh well. So Sony is...
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    Gaming Ripping UMD Games to Mac

    I have a Macbook, and PSP Gen-B Full. When I put a UMD in, go to the VSH menu and select USB Mode-UMD, and plug my psp into my mac, my mac says it does not accept this type of usb. So I either need another way to rip umds, or I need some kind of program on my mac that accepts the usb connection...
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    Gaming PSP Phat Hacked Help

    OK, so im a noob at psp hacking, as I just bought a hacked psp phat. My family already had a psp but it wasnt hacked. Its also a phat. So what I am wondering is right now, how to hack the other psp? The hacked is on 5.50 Gen B(full), and I have two memory cards altogether. One is 4gb and the...
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    R4 SDHC Kernel v1.26 Released

    The team has released another kernel, but not a very big update, as its main purpose was to add a few more languages in and fix some issues with 3369 - Mario & Luigi RPG 3. Use: Open the "game menu"——Run "DS_PATCH.NDS"——To enter the "PATCH game menu" ——Run "3369 - Mario & Luigi RPG 3" R4 SDHC...
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    Good stuff from Japan

    Hey guys, going to Japan soon. Got some tips on what to buy and where to buy it from? Im just looking for anything interesting really. And preferably game-associated. Thanks
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    Wow. First ACTUAL Blog Post

    Hmmmm. Thought maybe I should try out this blogging thing. Anywayz, thought I would start off with a little discovery of mine, and because I cant think of anything else to say, I have compiled my 3 weirdest games on DS, both out now, and upcoming. Let us begin!!!!!! After I read an SMS today...
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    First GBAtempers

    Curious little me is wondering who the first few GBAtemp members were.
  14. toh_yxes

    Messages Stuffing Up

    Im on GBAtemp Lite, and next to my Assistant on the top right, the New Messages thing. Everytime I log in, it comes up with 5 new messages, I click it, and I see 3 messages I read in March already. Is this just a glitch?
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    Scene Releases.

    Suppose it counts as a problem. But it seems GBAtemp's database is not that up-to-date. I was on this ABGX Nintendo DS Release List thingy, and I noticed it had releases up to 4742, which kind of surprised me. Is this an error on their part? Or is GBAtemp wrong?
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    Homebrew Music with Games???

    But is there a homebrew that allows you to play your own mp3/aac etc files, WHILE playing games? Say, I wanted to listen to some full on metal while playing Avalon Code. But seriously. Is it even possible to do this?
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    Girl trouble

    Argh!!! *snip I am in love with this girl. BUt her parents are really over-protective. Any of the older Tempers, with experience, might give me some help? Cuz she is not allowed to go out with ANYONE. And the only thing she has that I can contact her on is her email lol. And I am pretty sure...
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    Gaming Cocoto Platform Jumper

    Need help with this game if anyone has played this. In the Jungle level, how do you beat the boss? Thanks
  19. toh_yxes

    Homebrew A bit of adultness missing...

    What is or are the most adult homebrew or ds games ever? Or the most rude? Just wondering. lol.
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    Hacking MY WII IS DEAD!!

    I soft-modded my wii ok. And I had a Wii Fit disk in there while softmodding. After I softmodded, I went to the disc channel, and it said disc cannot be read. Another thing, I installed a Cocoto Platform Jumper WAD and I went to play it from the system menu, and it said This Channel Cannot Be...
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