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    Hacking Recommend me a slot 1 cart

    I am looking for a slot 1 cart because i just got the browser and need slot2 for the expansion pack. This is what i want: -Expandable memory -Excellent compatibility with NDS games, doesnt have to have excellent GBA compatibility -Able to run most homebrew (mostly play mp3, video, and...
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    Hacking displaying time on G6 Lite

    Is there anyway to display the time on the main G6Lite menu? I see that the time is displayed once i go into pdaDS but i want it to be displayed on the main G6 menu, like how its displayed in the main DS menu. Is there a way to do this?
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    Hacking g6lite and passme2

    Is a g6lite flashable using a passme2?
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    Hacking Flashing DSL with g6lite and passme2

    So i have my g6lite (chinese with the beta firmware so i have english on there too) and my passme2 programmed with Mario Kart. I get the .sav and .gba files from and put them on the g6. I then boot up and load sram from the acme.gba file. Turn off the DS put in the Passme2 with...
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    Hacking Having trouble flashing NDSL

    I have a PassMe2 programed with Mario Kart I load the Mario Kart .gba and .sav files on the G6L, as well as flashme.nds boot up the card, run the .gba file and it says "Writing SRAM... done." then i power off and insert the passme2 with mariokart, but it just boots up to the gba menu again...
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    Hacking Anybody gotten a chinese version

    I just switched my order to the Chinese version from hopebuy, and i got an email saying How are you? I am Celery from That's ok. I will send the perfect version in Chinese to you. There are three shells in it, you can change to your favorite color. If you have any questions...
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