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    Hacking DSi router/big hand/flash card compatibility.

    I have a DS Phat, I can't connect to the internet with it. It doesn't work with my router and I did get the offical nintendo usb router but then the PC with Windows XP broke down and I had to get a laptop with Vista (The usb router doesn't work with Vista). Anyway I want to get a DSi and I've...
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    Gaming Something like Wii Fit for the DS?

    I'm a martial artist, a lazy martial artist, I like fighting but I have very little motivation to do sit ups etc. I've not really paid much attention to the DS's releases when it hasn't been a big game that interests me, I've ignored most health/brain training games. I was wondering if the DS...
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    Gaming Good DS games.

    I haven't noticed any good games released since a few weeks before christmas. Have any been released?
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    Gaming Zelda problem

    Not sure if this is the right place but when I start the Zelda rom on my M3 Simply I just get a black screen with red japanese text no idea what this says but I'm guessing it's something like "You can't play this". Is anyone else having this and is there away around it?
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    Hacking Ms Simply not going past the loading screen!

    I turned on some action replay codes for animal crossing and tried to load the game but the screen went white and now I can't get past the loading screen and I can't even get into the Mirco SD card on my PC. Does anyone know whats going on how do I fix this?
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    ROM Hack Homebrew development

    After looking at some homebrew games I've started thinking about converting a game I'm working on to ds. What is the best and easiest to use homebrew development programme I can use for free?
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