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    xbox 360 e hacking help

    im looking to hack a xbox 360 e. i need to know hot to preform a rgh mod chip hack but i have zero idea where to find a rgh chip let alone how to install it properly and the guild is a bit complex can someone point me to a reputable seller for a chip in dms and a small guild thats up to date...
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    Hacking help! neogamma

    help! neogamma ive tried it all i got the stupid d2x56v6 249 but i need help whith what to do and how i tried burning the iso to a dvd-r and a dvd rom ive also done it with a ciso how do i do this????
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    ps vita np 2244 2error can i still hack it?

    i just got it and it wont let me sign in can i still hack it without a psn account???
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    Hacking sysnetcheat cfw is not workingplease help?

    error while loading kip1 modules/newfirm/loader.kip wrong ini cfg or misssing/corrupt files failed to launch hos
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    help!! switch wont turn on after rcm

    connected my switch to my pc to rcm it using tegrarcm ive tried rebooting it via hard reset ive also tried plugging it in and booting a payload but that wont work the computer wont find the device saying (unrecognized device) any helpful tips?? im at a loss its probably a simple fix but i cant...
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    i nee help with switchroot

    help with switchroot 8.1 google everything crashes every five seconds any advice!?!?
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    unknown xci magic decryption failed ffff

    unknown xci magic decryption failed ffff also it says its unable to load nsp can anyone help? ive done something wrong i know i did i just dont know what
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