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  1. CyberTails

    Gaming Kid Icarus: Uprising and n2DSXL Questions

    Hi There 1. Will the game take advantage of the C Stick and the ZL and ZR Buttons on a n2DSXL? 2. Is it more Comfortable than playing it on a o3DS? Sorry for asking, but I was considering getting the game in the future in Cartridge form
  2. CyberTails

    Homebrew Record 3DS Gameplay to SD Card?

    Hi There I know that Snickerstream and HzMod exists, but is there a way to actually record 3DS Gameplay directly to the SD Card? (I'm using a n2DSXL if that helps)
  3. CyberTails

    ROM Hack [HELP] Converting OoT3D Powersave to one accepted by CIA

    Hey There I have a PowerSave of OoT3D that I wanted to convert into a usable file for the CIA I have installed into my o3DS and I was wondering on how I can do that (The tutorials I've seen so far are only for Pokemon X/Y/OR/AS and I just want one for General 3DS Games) Thanks for Reading :)
  4. CyberTails

    Homebrew Dump DS BIOS from 3DS?

    Hey There I was wondering if there's a Homebrew application that'll dump the Emulated DS BIOS from a 3DS to use with something like DeSmuMe?
  5. CyberTails

    Hardware Dreamprix XL Testing

    Hello Folks I recently purchased the Dreamprix XL, which is a Universal Steering Wheel Controller for Wii/Gamecube, PS1, Xbox and PC, thought it IS recognized on Wii as it says, due to no Up or Down Analog Controls, some games don't work with it, the following is a list of games I've tested on...
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