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    Hacking Acekard 2i Firmware

    Aha - so the firmware of the cart can be determined by the game it pretends to be? Mine is showing as Chronicles of Narnia IIRC (Don't have it with me to hand) Is there a list of all the firmware/games somewhere?
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    Hacking Acekard 2i Firmware

    Is there any way of seeing what firmware is currently installed on the Acecard 2i? I'm sure there must be, but I can't find it.
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    DS #4855: Runaway: A Twist of Fate (Europe)

    Damn - I was hoping this game would be about air traffic control - but all the planes were grounded due to fate kicking up a load of volcanic ash.
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    DS Geographic Information System

    GPS with mapping from google will only be effective if you have some internet connection surely - and when you're using GPS no doubt you'll be travelling so this is impossible. This means it'll either need to download all the maps before you use it, or connect to the internet by something...
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    Competition: Which Video Game Character Would Make the Best Father

    Dry Bones 'Nuff said - although it's probably a bit too descriptive especially as I'm older and my dad has been buried for a few years...
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    Hacking AK2

    I'm new to AceKard but just got an AceKard2 Everything is perfectly fine and all games run perfectly. However what's annoying the hell out of me is the slow boot time. It goes straight to my games folder when I launch it, which has quite a few games on, so seems to take forever to list them...
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    Hacking M3 Simply

    OK been out of the loop for a long time, still using my M3 Simply. Been doing some reading but I can't find the answer (and I hate the google search thing, I can never get it to work) Is there any step by step guide as to how to get YSMenu (using YSAuto or not) onto my M3 Simply. Just a...
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    Hardware Original WiiKey and 3.4E

    OK - the search is a nightmare to find what I'm looking for, and wading through 100s of posts of mis-information is doing my head in. So. I have a PAL Wii, I ONLY play PAL games. I don't care about homebrew, I will only play backups from the DVD drive. Can I update, are there any issues with...
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    Wii #0968 - Wii Music (Europe)

    I had the same thing error #001 first time, then played OK - then after the 1st jam session said it couldn't read the disc, and now can't read the disk at all... Burning another coy on a different dvd type, but never had a problem with this dvd type or writer or speed before. Hmmm Running...
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    Homebrew BEUP

    I don't use this app very often but in the last airport I was in, my DS connected to the wifi and my laptop wouldn't and this app would have been very useful! Anyway, I'm currently running what I thought was the latest version Beup03e.nds 11-30-2007. It connects to everything fine: connects...
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    Hacking WANTED: Black DS Arkanoid Paddle

    Anyone got one they want to get rid of - or know where I can get one from!
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    Hacking Help on new cart choice

    OK, I need a new flash cart - I LOVE my M3 Simply - but I NEED SDHC support. Now - the only things I really care about are the GUI and SDHC support. I want to turn on my DS, and be presented with a list of my backups and homebrew programs. I don't want to see anything else, no folders needed...
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    Gaming Space Invaders Extreme

    Done it! 5-C boss Step 1 - avoid/shoot the balls while killing main boss Step 2 - avoid the shower of vertical lasers while shooting at the main boss Step 3 - stay central as the boss drops to bottom screen and keep shooting him Step 4 - he moves to top screen, and the 3 smaller angled lazer...
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    Gaming Space Invaders Extreme

    nicklessguy - how did you pass 5-C?! Hit the smaller ones or keep fire on the big one?!
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    Gaming Space Invaders Extreme

    This is driving me nuts now! It starts off the same as 5-A and 5-B bosses with the bouncing balls, then the thing showers you with lots of lasers. However in 5-C you then get 3 smallers aliens around the boss firing those annoying multi-directional lasers. Do I need to shoot the smaller...
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    GBAtemp Quiz #3 Open!

    Good quiz and have enjoyed searching for the answers - (better than work anyway!) - however I'm still drawing a blank on the first official GBA flash cart review on GBATemp and it's driving me insane! From what I can find they've only reviewed 1 of them on that list, but make references to other...
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    NDS Backup Tool Wifi v0.31f

    Awesome - got it working... however must have pressed L or R at some point - because instead of saving my save file - I erased the save file portion of the ROM! DOH!!! Maybe this needs an "Are you sure?" bit before it performs this operation. Oh well - looks like I'm going to have fun...
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    NDS Backup Tool Wifi v0.31f

    Are there any English instuctions for this? I could do with getting some save data from my original carts - but never been able to 'cos I don't have a slot 2 adaptor - until now it seems.
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    Gaming MK Wii - PAL 3.2E Original WiiKey

    Thanks tredes. Neznat - there are 53 pages there of people going, "does it work on NTSC" etc. Sorry, don't have the time to trawl through all of that. My subject title was very specific, if you can't offer help just don't bother posting.
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    Gaming MK Wii - PAL 3.2E Original WiiKey

    Thanks for the sarcastic reply - if you have nothing to add constructively why bother. I'd already said, I was finding it hard to find this information from the site, and the search function isn't that good. I'd have happily accepted a link to where it'd been asked before, or even the thread...
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