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  1. iZackefx

    Homebrew How good can I run NSMB2 in Citra?

    With the latest build of Citra up to date, how good can I run NSMB2? Intel 2 Duo - E7500 8gb Ram Nvidia GTX 950
  2. iZackefx

    Gaming The Black New3DS limted edition FW

    What version did you guys get with that new 3ds that came out w/ the limited Mario edition?
  3. iZackefx

    Hacking 2DS upgrading question.

    Hello, I ordered a 2DS and it should come with FW 6-8, and I was wondering if I could upgrade to 9.2 from that. Please reply. Thanks.
  4. iZackefx

    Homebrew 2DS Upgrading to 9.2?

    Hello, I plan to buy the 2DS bundle with MK7 and I know for a fact that it will contain the FW below 9.2 Once I get it, can I upgrade it to 9.2 using any sort of tool? Also, what're the differences in modding a 2DS as to a 3DS? (Like any limitations to the 2DS)
  5. iZackefx

    Homebrew Possible 3DS Brick?

    Hello, I think I might have bricked my 3DS XL. When I start it up, with and without SD card, everything I tap will get frozen forever, even the toolbar buttons at the top of the bottom screen. Is there a fix to this or do I have no choice but to buy a new one?
  6. iZackefx

    ROM Hack [On-going] NSMB2.5

    (Updated 7/7/2016) Demo released. (Up to W1) Get the levels from the link and replace the existing ones from your romfs folder. Demo images. Hello, and thanks for viewing this thread! As the title says...
  7. iZackefx

    ROM Hack Yoshi's Island DS ROM Hacking Question

    Well, I've seen ALOT of music hacks for Yoshi's Island DS, and I haven't seen one actual rom hack for it. And by "Rom Hack", I mean stuff like custom levels and such. My question is, is it possible to actually hack Yoshi's Island DS besides music hacks and stuff? If so, I would like to request...
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