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  1. odorderaposa

    Metroid: Other M - Maxximum Edition

    I understand your point and thank you for looking into the video. Anyway, if you make some changes according to the JP version or not, I'm looking forward to this project since it changes only the really annoying bits of Other M.
  2. odorderaposa

    Metroid: Other M - Maxximum Edition

    Hi! I learned about this hack sometime ago, and seeing that you or other people are willing to mod this hack, can I make suggestion? If not, or if it was already discussed, ignore what I'm saying. Anyway, I also didn't liked that they altered the cutscenes so much. Yes, they aren't perfect but...
  3. odorderaposa

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, I've accompanied this wonderful forum since 2010, but I finally decided to join it. I learned about the Wii in here, and now I'm looking forward to interact with this great community.
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