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    Gaming Permanently applying title updates on a non-hacked console?

    Hello, this is the scenario to my knowledge: When a game needs an update, it is being downloaded and stored in a cache. If this cache is full, the oldest downloaded update is deleted to make room for the new one. UNLESS the update has a certain size (above 5MB?), then it will be downloaded to...
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    Hacking save from "zelda - a link to the past" not working

    hello, i have a couple of saved games from both emulator and another flash card (visoly flash advance linker extreme) and most of them work fine with the import option in the supercard software. all except "zelda - a link to the past". when i import this save i don't get my savegame when the...
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    Hacking import saved games from visoly to SC?

    /double post, please delete, sorry!
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