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  1. RedShadoww

    ROM Hack Question Super Mario Party Edit?

    Is it possible to edit small things in Super Mario Party like the cost of stars, gates, lakitus, etc?
  2. RedShadoww

    ROM Hack Question Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Possible to edit subtitles and game text?

    Is it currently possible to edit game text and subtitles? I think it'd be particularly useful to change some of the liberties taken with the localization if using japanese voices (ex: changing localized names).
  3. RedShadoww

    Hacking Updated Luma, 3ds won't boot

    I updated my Luma3ds by replacing the armhaxloader.bin, then the configuration menu showed up and I just hit start without touching anything. Then it wouldn't boot. So I replaced the armhaxloader.bin again with my old one and it still won't boot. Please help!
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