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  1. GerbilSwimmingPool

    Hacking Pokemon games, Flash carts, & DS Questions

    I'm looking into playing multiple Pokemon games and a lot of longer session with a Flashcart. I'm kind of worried about the savedata and crashes while using a flashcart. Are crashes even a thing? Things I am looking for soft resetting, RTC, and replacing savedata. It looks like EZ Flash Omega...
  2. GerbilSwimmingPool

    Homebrew Tying to understand: 3dsx vs cia files help

    When should we install cia files and when should we use 3dsx files? What are the pros and cons to using both of these containers? I'm having issues answering these questions. 3dsx: Use with homebrew software ONLY, never go online cia: for commercial games ONLY, online:okay, data sent to...
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