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    don't forget runescape is fail$

    LMFAO runescape is fail
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    Printing and Binding services ?

    Well I need to review A+ material very well in the fourth coming months. I can't find any legit books with remote IT minor coverage. I found a pirated e-book which does.......Printing Cost? 63 USD to print and bind. Other A+ book I am buying? 38 USD Any cheap/reliable printing and binding...
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    Gaming OMFG

    Remember those caps that tested fine on the meter? Well.......after the current/operating heat was applied....they weren't fine. 680mf 4 volt RLA 105 c degree bearing capacitors PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHERE THE HELL CAN I BUY THESE. I'm just going to put homework away pretend the server...
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    Wow big processor

    I was scraping a old win95 era desktop motherboard for some capacitors and a multipin to turn a xbox 1 into a media player. The processor was the size of a brick how did they even make laptops back then? Jesus..... At any rate any good xbox1 mod chip links? I put the multipin into the motherboard.
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    Gaming So.....

    Old Bessie is in trouble.....Hangs at the processor screen for 10-20 seconds and it's not looking good. So I bought a new Thermal take I don't know if this comes with thermal paste or not but it looks pretty diesed for a Thermal Take ...
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    Gaming New Golden Sun?

    The new golden sun......going to go the gusto and try to buy this legit online or in store. Anyone have any NEW news? Release Date: TBA Exclusively on: Nintendo DS ESRB: RP Been awhile since I played a nice golden sun game.
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    Gaming Good one for you guys.... Lol. Pretty funny 2nd college 27 credits from degree. Three additional certifications. Yeah let's just say tiger direct boffed my order then we fix it and everyone will just stfu and be happy. Check and mate.
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    beefing up your parts kit

    So I have been working on some smaller boards lately. My soldering iron is slightly too big and not really sharp enough for these boards. I was wondering if anyone knew of a decent fine point solder possibly with a good scope/magnifier as well?
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    new 360 bypass protocol

    New 360 bypass protocol tutorial for loading homebrew games and homebrew apps. Removes Microsoft's capacitance, resistance and volt change detection from mods.
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    Gaming little program i like alot

    USB controller owners with analog (preferably) rejoice! There is this little program - . Easy joy mouse I like it alot I use it with a usb to ps2 controller adaptor from DX. I like it so much I actually bought a new ps2 controller off ebay...
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    PS1/2 soft mod

    Ok i opened a psx mem card and am soldering holes in the connection sheets and running lines through them on the board. Then running some components on my bread board. I'm trying to use a spliced usb cable to connect said memory to my comp. Then get it to a readable and writable state. THEN...
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    for the lols?

    So i was ebaying around and was looking at retro comps. I was thinking about buying a old tandy and throwing together some stuff in basic. Then maybe a basic emu for my cyclo. 8 Bit stoner Dig dug on a 5 and half whaa whaa? good idea or retarded?
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    Gaming Upgrade

    So i'm thinking about backing up to an external and 2nd internal hard drive. Formatting and installing the win7 early release. Win xp pro sp3 black,gentoo and solaris tri-boot right now. Reinstalling Solaris and gentoo on a tri-boot with win7. My question is this? Vista really set me back and I...
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    Gaming Mac-Windows question

    I have to burn a OS install ISO for a friend who is upgrading his mac OS for the upcoming Diablo 3 release. Will my External hard drive and dvd burner work on a Mac? What is a good iso burning utility for Macs? My Mac xp points are pretty low/non existent so this is kind of a new area for me I...
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    Gaming Laptops or desktops?

    SAN FRANCISCO—Notebook computers will outsell desktops for the first year ever in 2009 as overall PC unit shipments decline for the first time since 2001, according to market research firm iSuppli Corp. Global PC shipments are expected to decline to 287.3 million units in 2009, down 4 percent...
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    Gaming OMG ::MAD::

    What does this say? ....Is it just me or is the anti spider/bot/data miner methods getting a little EXTREME. I think it's starting to actually prevent real users from accessing the data and using the services.
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    Bad cops are not smart cops

    I was driving to a xgf's wedding (i'm still good friends with her - It happens). Long drive about 2 hours each way,i'm checking the mapquest and listening to gps going the speed limit,seat belt on. They JUST passed a new bill called the "Move over Law". Which instates that any vehicle on a...
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    Gaming Will i still spec crysis and wolfenstein?

    I can run crysis and the new wolfenstein(Max sys standards on canirunit for the new wolf) just fine. If i install win7 to another dir and dual boot will I still have high ram/cpu consuming apps function as well as now? DPG encoder and the like or full screen hi def rune? I want to go 64 bit to...
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    Gaming Wow owned

    Prof couldn't get on to do projection chapter display because someone was on his account from another location - With open access to his entire virtual network drive documents. WOW! OWNT!
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    Gaming He does have a point He does have a point in that those slight variations can accumulate and cause a error or conflict. And no one understood his point.
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