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  1. Bahamut2

    Hacking Atmosphere Updater vs Kosmos Updater

    I am under Kosmos, but I want to know, if there is any difference if i update my system by using the "Atmosphere Updater" APP (which probably will update faster), instead of using the "Kosmos updater" APP. Is it the same Atmos version? I know Kosmos installs other things, but mostly are programs...
  2. Bahamut2

    Hacking Play SYSNAND games from EMUMMC?

    Hello, is there a way to play my SYSNAND games from Atmos EMUMMC? I dont want to reinstall my digital copies if i already have them installed on SYSNAND. ThX :D
  3. Bahamut2

    Hacking Uninstalling game updates questions (Atmosphere)

    With goldleaf, the update version remains in the game menu, the game works probably as if it was uninstalled (but you can see the cloud icon). With tinfoil, nothing of this happens, it resets the game version and no cloud icon appears. It seems like cleaner to me. I ask this because im having...
  4. Bahamut2

    Hacking Megaman Legacy Collection working on Atmosphere? (NSP)

    By using latest Kosmos/Atmos on FW 8.0.1, this is the only backup that is not working for me (It gives an error message just after launching it). Installed from Goldleaf (like all the games i have and all the games work). The Megaman Legacy Collection 2 works though, and the X Collection also...
  5. Bahamut2

    Homebrew Question Tinfoil changed the Album behavior? (Atmosphere)

    When i install Tinfoil, it changes the buttons when accessing to the Album, so by default i can not open the album anymore, the Kosmos Toolbox stops is not useful anymore as the override options there are not working, like the loader.ini file is not used anymore. It seems that Tinfoil harcoded...
  6. Bahamut2

    Hacking Are savefiles from SYSNAND compatible with emuMMC?

    I created emuMMC from Atmosphere and i noticed that it can see all my digital games installed on SYSNAND and also read the savefiles. Does it mean i can play with my games from SYSNAND on emuMMC and save from Atmosphere, and continue playing with OFW? Is it risky somehow? Thanks
  7. Bahamut2

    Hacking Dirty SYSNAND only by running Hekate?

    This may be a simple question, i didnt find anything clear about it: Does my SYSNAND get "dirty" if i only run the Hekate payload and enter into OFW from there? (never having ran any CFW)
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