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    Hacking Emunand help

    I have just set up emunand on my sons 3ds. After it was done I go into settings and its shows firmware v4.2.0-9U so all good there. I then do the profile bit and it goes back to the main screen. When I check the settings now it says gw3d 9.5.0-23u so it all seems to have worked. The problem is...
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    Hacking System nand restore

    In the past I have screwed up setting up emunand and updated to the latest fw. Obviously I am really happy with the new gateway FW. If I make the same mistake again can I restore to my previous system nand using the new restore feature?
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    Hacking Latest firmware

    Ive just come across all off this. Is 9.2.0-20 still the latest firmware or have nintendo done an update. Is there a way when you update to see what firmware you are updating to?
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    Hacking Is the emunand update process the same

    Has there been any change to the way you update the emunand to 7.1 with the new Omega firmware. I've just watched the video in gateways site and was going to give it a go but cant find if anything has changed. Once I do this can I patch games?
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    Hacking Having issues with R4i Gold Deluxe

    I had no problems setting this up first time and it worked fine. After I played a retail game and tried to use it again it would not work. I did the grey card 3ds set up again and did the settings profile thing but the games now wont show up. Does anyone have any ideas or had something similar...
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    Hacking Updating acekard with 3ds on older firmware

    Mario Kart 7 has updated my sons 3ds and it is now on fw 2.2.0-0U. Ive checked the site and I cant find an old update to use to update my acekard. Can someone direct me to a link with the old AK update or give me some advise on what to do. Ive seen the latest offical fw doesnt work with the AK2...
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