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    Hacking ISO burning problem

    i just downloaded the iso and extracted the RAR file. and the extracted files were rayman.000 rayman.001 rayman.002 rayman.003 rayman.004 rayman.dvd and i have no idea what to do with that, also the game is PAL, and i have a NTSC wii with Wiikey. what do i need to do?
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    Hacking For the SAME price, G6L or SCL+512TF

    going back to china nxt week. in retail, G6L is about $500 chinese, about $70 CND, or $60 USD. and SUPERCARD lite is about $300 chinese, and 512mb TF is $160 chinese. basically, G6L and SCL cost the same. both around $500 RMB. which should i pick? i currently have a EZ4L (kinda disappointing)...
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    Hacking G6 @ psxbox

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    Hacking new flashcart NINJAPASS, DS size 512mb

    right now is at pre-order, but looks cool, im a little confused, they posted 2 ninjapass carts. one is media launcher, other is 512mb cart with USB writer. i suppose thats The flashcart, no need for GBA flashcart. pretty cheap, only 52 dollars
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    Hacking for those that pre-ordered things from winsunx

    i recently preordered the EZ4 lite TF, and they say is on pre-order and expected arrival on 5th. for those that pre-ordered before, how accuarate is that date? is that like a "deadline" date? or they actually ship the item on that day. and, if they didnt meet the preorder date, they said will...
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    Hacking EZ4 lite MICRO and MINI

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    Hacking which is better? M3 mini pro, or EZ 4 lite.

    i just purchased a DS Lite, and getting rid of my old Supercard SD. which should i get : M3 mini sd Pro, which is 32 USD, or EZ4 lite (using transflash), which is 42 dollars. i like m3 cus it is cheaper, and has GREAT DS support, and also cool PDA functions( im chinese, so the PDA thing seems...
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    Hacking anybody with passme 2 living in VANCOUVER area?

    i bought a superpass 2 awhile back, but the programer was defected, cus i didnt want to wait for another month and pay for extra shipping i just got a ds that doesnt need the programer. but now i hav a lite and need to flash my ds, anyone with a superpass 2 or passme 2 living in vancouver? or in...
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