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    Homebrew DS games have no text

    I installed HiyaCFW on my Nintendo DSi and then I launched Ghost Trick and found out, that there's no text, some things have text like the title and UI but not when someone is talking in the game. How do I fix this?
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    Gaming American DSiware on japanese dsi

    is their a way to play american dsiware on a japanese dsi without HiyaCFW? I tried to edit american dsiware and change the region to region free and that didn't work I tried to edit a tmd to region free and that didn't work I tried to edit them both as the same region and that didn't work...
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    Misc Use WPA2 internet with ds games via homebrew

    would if there was a homebrew application that let nintendo dsi users to connect to wpa2 internet and make ds games think your using WEP internet. I know there is other ways like changing your router security etc, but I don't wan't to break my router or anything but even if it doesn't break it...
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