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  1. zanxy

    Searchin for some music

    Well i'm seaching for one music, but i dont know the lyrics,author or title, i just remember that in it's music video ( it has two). In one there is a chain reaction of mathces, and in other one they are just firing up the lighters. Anyone knows this and can help me out ?
  2. zanxy

    Gaming Fifa World Cup 2010

    Can it connect with DS ? and how ?
  3. zanxy

    League of Legends

    Does enyone play League of Legends (loL)? EU or USA ? and what's your summoner name and favorite champ ? If you dont you can go to this site to register: Registration. If refferal links are forbiden then modify my post.
  4. zanxy

    Pain killers

    edit: it hurted, it doesnt anymore.
  5. zanxy

    Gaming Dementium II

    I think sequel will come, it can't end like this.
  6. zanxy

    Gaming Dementium II

    Well it has a new AP/somewhat new saving sistem :/ I was so excited bout this game......
  7. zanxy

    Gaming Need help

    Well when i boot up my computer i get massage: "CPU is unworkable or has been changed, please recheck CPU soft menu. ". So anyone knows what to do ? I googled but i didn't find the solution. uh, and maybe this is the wrong part of forum to ask this. and i have: Intel Core2 Duo CPU E6550...
  8. zanxy

    Gaming Ragnarok Ds multiplayer ?

    Well got rangnarok and i wanna play it with my brother? So how do we start multiplayer ? I don't see that option in menu or in town menu.
  9. zanxy

    Gaming Game like DotA or LoL ?

    Is there any ? You know choose hero lvl up and stuff, take skills, minions, ....
  10. zanxy

    Gaming Windows 7 & ventrilo

    Well i have a problem, I have widows 7 and ventrilo 2.1.4 but when i'm in games i can't talk with push-to-talk hotkey. What do i need to do ? Already chaged priority class to high and still nothing.
  11. zanxy

    Hacking Moonshell 2

    Can someone make a tutorial how to make moonshell2 work on acekard 2i ?
  12. zanxy

    Homebrew DPG questions

    Well when i try ot convert video and audio go out of sync...... So can anyone tell me now to convert it right to watch some animes on my DS, and Can it be a step by step guide? Thanks in advance,.
  13. zanxy

    Homebrew Office, please i need it in next 30 mins

    A Homebrew that can read and open microsoft word documents ? (*.doc)
  14. zanxy

    ROM Hack Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

    Well it says that the save file is corrupted. Does someone know a fix ? I have Acekard 2i. Thanks for reading. Well its not permanent but its playable.
  15. zanxy

    Hacking Big Problem

    Well my brother has got R4i gold or what is that thing, its pre-1.4 ver. so he didn't update DSi, and now when he wants to run Kingdom Hearts, he gets black screen, music freeze when Roxas gets up and in that gray room. Not 1 fix i tried didnt fix that for him, can anyone play it on R4i Gold...
  16. zanxy

    Hacking Acekard Questions

    Hello, I Buyed myself and acekard2i and i'm stysfied with it, but i have some questions..... Q1: Whats the diffrence between AKAIO and acekard normal menu? Q2: Is there a program(hombrew, ......) That would Let me turn on/off cheats in middle of the game ? Q3: What are esssetials for running...
  17. zanxy

    Gaming HG/SS question

    Can HG/SS trade woth D/P/Pt ?
  18. zanxy

    Hacking Ak2i woth YS menu

    Well i just got my ak2i today (i was sick of waiting for r4i update), well anyways, I like the cart more than my r4i before hand, but can oyu help me how to install YS menu(or how its called) , and where to get it? Thanks in advance, and don't flame me please. EDIT: woth in the topic name...
  19. zanxy

    Hacking R4i sdhc

    Could i update it with Acekard 2i update for 1.4 ? Or with R4Ui updater ? Anyone tried that yet ?
  20. zanxy

    Hacking R4i gold

    Their site went down, and now i can't get kernel for my brothers r4i gold he got today,........ can anyone help me please ?
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