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    Hacking "Unable to mount CTRNAND" 3DS brick error

    I have gotten a really strange brick/error with my 3DS after putting the new luma files in the root of the card. It's very strange because everything seems put in order correctly and nothing seems out of place. I have tried several methods in order to restore the console but nothing seems to...
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    Homebrew Widescreen not working on Twilight

    So I've been trying to do the Widescreen patch for Twilight and DS games. However, I've tried three times already with no luck. I don't know what I'm doing wrong as I'm following every single step. I used Godmode9 to get the bin file, rename it, run wide.bat and put the file in TwlBg file in the...
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    ROM Hack Just Dance 2020's into the unknown

    With this song being released only with an internet network, is there any way to get it? Say, a mod or a save file. I had the feeling that perhaps a save file that unlocked the song would do, is that the case?
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    Homebrew Retroarch not working properly

    I downloaded Retroarch and I'm having trouble getting it to load the roms. It seems to be very buggy for me and I just got error 2168-002 An error has ocurred when searching directory. Nevertheless, my roms won't show up. I downloaded the core for nintendo 64 since I read that might be the...
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    Hacking My Switch bricked so easily?

    I was following every step, step by step after I received my sx os pro. took a copy of my nand, made an emunand. hours and hours of waiting and once then, i still had to activate my license, so I clicked on boot emunand and it told me to activate it, that it could go online on the switch and I...
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    Hacking Question Setting up Switch CFW while still playing online legit games?

    So I want to create a CFW on my switch and still keep playing a legit f2p online game (like say Fortnite). But I keep reading different things like "it is impossible to play online once you get a CFW" and "you can use stealth mode" or "use a clean ofw for online games and cfw with airplane mode"...
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    Hacking Installing CFW on 7.X

    My 3DS XL is on 9.9 so I know there's no way for me to run CFW with it, but I found out that my other 3DS is on 7.X, how could I install any CFW on it? I've been looking around and so far I've only seen ways to install it with Ninjhax (but it only works on systems that are on 9.0-9.2) or with...
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