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  1. digitydogs

    Hacking To Da Ltr A

    Da Ltr A and crew, It has just been shown to me that the cioscorp klinikal posted to gamingexposed was in fact a rip off of your work. Although i had no knowledge of this and would never have allowed it to be posted if i did I want to make a public apology for this, and also let it be known...
  2. digitydogs

    Hacking SoftMii 2.0

    Softmii 2.0 Released Download @ Http:// Enjoy
  3. digitydogs

    Hacking How To Make your own CSM

    Now that 56killer has posted the charts to the .ash files i know alot of people are going to be attempting to alter their system menu graphics. So i'm going to give the basic layout to change any file on the wii. This is the method i used to safely make the changes in CSM. Before attempting any...
  4. digitydogs

    Hacking Someone with all the tpl's extracted

    Please rar or zip the directory structure and pm it to me... I was packing up the 1.0 release of CSM tonight and my computer crashed.... It corrupted my working directory. Without these it'll take me a week to get back to where i was. with them i can probably get CSM 1.0 released within 2-3...
  5. digitydogs

    Hacking Dig's CSM Alpha Sneak Peek

    Ok so i have released an Alpha Sneak Peek of my custom system menu. As both an Alpha and a sneak peek their may be some small artifacts (only one known of and its already been fixed for the Beta Sneak Peek) Suggestions and Comments may be left over on the softmii forum as I'm probably going to...
  6. digitydogs

    Hacking BRSAR pack and unpacker

    Does anyone have a link to tools to pack and unpack brsar files, every one i find is dead. Need this for work on changing system menu sounds
  7. digitydogs

    Hacking Working full region free backup

    Full softmod powered region free backup loading from the disc channel with preloader protection from bricks has been achieved... now modchips are only good for 6x read gc backups, and extreme bricks A word of warning before every does this... this alters all of your ios's to customios. This...
  8. digitydogs

    Hacking Fake Update Server

    I figured that if in three days we can figure out to alter every ios on the system to the dip module maybe we can work this out too. the idea is to develop a method of making the wii think our pc's are the update servers and pull updates from there. This will allow a new way to hack systems as...
  9. digitydogs

    Hacking Crashing Opera Browser to run code

    Although its not needed ATM as the twilight hack is still functional, i wondered what the odds were of taking advantage of the internet channel (opera) to cause a crash and execute code... as often as browser exploits are found i imagine there is a good hack there... anyone played with this idea...
  10. digitydogs

    Hacking Wii Hacking FAQ

    The wii Hacking FAQ is now public. It still needs alot of work but its a good place for noobs to start.
  11. digitydogs

    Hacking Wii Speak One Time install....

    So it appears that wii speak will require a 16 digit code to download the wii speak channel to use the microphone. And that this code may only be used once, and if lost will not be replaced by nintendo. The really bad part is that without the channel the mic will be useless. Wonder how long it...
  12. digitydogs

    Hacking Game IDs and IOS's

    So as you can see wiigator now needs us to start a list of game ids and ios used. Here are links to the program he references. which can actually be found on page 5 of the beta .3 blog comments. Like extract partition, you will need the keys and the root certificate. Just do a google search for...
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