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  1. Lijer

    Hacking Iso's corrupted above 57 gb

    Dear Forum members, I am trying to get a 200gb card full of psp iso's on my psp 1003 The psp is hacked CFW 6,60 pro-c and i have installed the categories lite plugin The card gets recognized (full capacity) i get some games to work, but when i reach the 40th-50th game (around 57.7 gb) all games...
  2. Lijer

    Hacking Cannot boot into god mode

    Dear People, Yesterday i tried installing CFW on an N3dsXL with Firmware 11.9.0 using the step by step. I followed al the steps on and everything went perfect (i used the seedminer fredtool). Untill Section VI - CTRNAND Luma3DS (the last 'finalizing setup' pagen on...
  3. Lijer

    Hacking CFW on PSP 1000

    Dear gba temp readers, I would like your help. I’ve recently purchased a psp 1000 (Fat ) on which i would like to install cfw. My preference would be a permanent one, and the most stable one to run games. The current firmware is 5.55. Now i have been reading some earlier posts about the subject...
  4. Lijer

    Hacking Godmode cia files

    Ive just cracked my new 3ds xl with custom firmware with I do have some .3ds games (used gateway before cfw) that i am converting with godmode9. 2 questions: 1 Can i use these ( converted trough godmode ) cia files also on another hacked 3ds? 2 are there standalone windows...
  5. Lijer

    Hacking Re use a R4 gold 2017

    Dear forum members, I just succesfully hacked my new 3ds xl snes (firmware 11.4) with the guide on I used a r4 sdhc gold pro 2017 card for flashing ntrboot. Now i want to hack another console for my brother (exactly the same type) but i am wondering if it is possible with the same...
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