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  1. ften

    NES Classic Forum Request

    It's only a matter of time before hacking it blows up as the NAND has already been dumped, decoded and Doom is already been run on it. I'd imagine it will be pretty easy to load mods on in the future, as the Classic can be put in an FEL/fastboot mode like an Android phone/tablet. The only thing...
  2. ften

    Hardware USB Switch for Internal Hard Drive Mods Walkthough

    I created a walkthrough for creating a USB switch for internal HDD mods. This will let you use a WBFS Manager on your PC with your drive without having to open your Wii up. The switch I used has a software based component that allows your PC to take back control of the hard drive from the Wii...
  3. ften

    Got my Ipredator VPN invite... Spoiler below

    I got my Pirate Bay Ipredator VPN invite today. I was quite excited to check it out, as I'm a long time user and was interested in seeing what Pirate Bay had to offer. Well I can report there is nothing different between the two sites, besides the words Relakks changed to Ipredator...
  4. ften

    Hardware No black MotionPlus for sale come August

    I sent the help desk of Nintendo of Japan an email asking if they planned on releasing a black MotionPlus adapter in August when they release the black Wiis. They basically said they have no plans to sell a black one at this time. Kinda sucks as I already have everything else black. Hopefully...
  5. ften

    Hardware Wii Fan Image Request

    If someone has the below Wii fan laying around and can you take a close up picture of the center of the fan so I can get the model number, etc off it that would be great. My 2 Wiis (really 1 1/2, one is for spare parts) have a different thinner fan on them (model: D03R-05BS1). Thanks for any...
  6. ften

    Hacking Wii System Menu 4.0 Image Charts

    There haven't been many changes overall in the System Menu images, but here are the new charts to reflect the new/changed ash files; Wii System 4.0 Breakdown: SdButton.ash Image Breakdown SDChansel Image Breakdown SDChanttl.ash Image Breakdown SofkeyBD.ash Image Breakdown - I’ve only included...
  7. ften

    Hardware My Black Wii - If you See it PM me.

    Have you seen me? My Wii got stolen today (Metro Atlanta, GA area) and because it's fairly custom I just want to throw up a post incase anyone sees it or someone asks you about this sweet new black wii with a green DVD gate and a dc2pro chipset. It also has a custom health screen Pirate...
  8. ften

    Question on how Club Nintendo game registration points work?

    Now that Club Nintendo is coming to America, I was wonder how the point system works for game registration in other regions to get an idea how it may work here. Are certain games worth more points then others? Are you able to register multiple copies of the same game? Who here is Platinum or...
  9. ften

    Hardware Cheap mic for GH WT and Rock Band from Toys R Us

    Toys R Us is selling Disney High School Musical: Sing It Wii Bundle for 19.99, which from what I found on the internet is about the cheapest price for a mic you can get from a brick and mortar store that will work with Rock Band and GH World Tour. Plus you can just resell the game on eBay or...
  10. ften

    Hardware Vender Recommendation -, Extremely cheap

    Consumer Depot They sell slightly used, demo, and new items and are ridiculously cheap. I got 2 Thrustermaster T-wireless controllers from them for 5 bucks a piece and a Nyko Perfect Shot for 5 bucks. The quality was good, no dings or scratches and the items were shipped quickly. I've been...
  11. ften

    Hardware 4GB Transcend SD Works w/ Wii

    Transcend 133x 4GB Model# TS4GSD133 NewEgg Link Link to my spread sheet with different partition/formatting settings; Spread Sheet Tool used; Command line (format h: /fs:fat) This allowed me to format partions greater then 2GB with fat16 in XP, "h:" of course being my SD drive Partition Magic...
  12. ften

    Hardware Ebay quality on Wii replacement cases?

    The replacement cases on eBay are a lot cheaper then say buying from nds-central or divineo, I was just wonder if the people here found them to be comparable to the Katana or Shockii cases. I was specifically looking at getting a deal like this eBay Case Thanks, Ften
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