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  1. rook2King

    NPC Interactions

    So just recently i've been playing Skyrim, and i fast- traveled to a location near the place where my quest was when a blood dragon came down and started attacking me. I fought it for a while but it soon moved to another location and started fighting some npc's, after we killed it i found that...
  2. rook2King

    Hardware New video Card

    Can anyone suggest me a cheap ($0-$100) video card? I need it to be able to run fps games like left 4 dead 2 and such. My current set-up: -AMD Athlon II x2 245 processor @ 2.9GHz [i know not the best to run fps's but looking @ the minimum spec req of l4d2 it will run(?)] -4gb DDR2 RAM -...
  3. rook2King

    Black ops or Fallout New Vegas? Which one should i get?

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  4. rook2King


    Hello everyone!!! Had an account here but never really started posting and getting involved with community until now... so hi!
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