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  1. rockerzz182

    ROM Hack Dragon Quest XI 3DS English Translation

    Is it possible just to translate the 2D Mode of DQXI in english?is the script of 3d mode or 2d mode of the game are the same code or separate?can you play the game on 2d mode from the start to finish?or is there someone already translating the game in english?thanks.
  2. rockerzz182

    Hacking Help!R4isdhc Dual Core not working.

    I have this card and its working until i used the official wood r4 firmware and now my ds wont read it even if i put back my back up.I tried googling for a fix but i cant find an exact answer.Is there a way to fix this?thanks for your help.
  3. rockerzz182

    Gaming What Ds game is this??

    Hey guys!Is anyone there know the title of this ds game??
  4. rockerzz182

    Hacking Help!Wii Ware and Virtual Console Wads.

    Where is the best and safest place to download wii ware and virtual console wads or if you have one can you upload it??because i read in some forums that there are wads that can brick your wii.. In need: Virtual Consoles: Zelda Majoras Mask Zelda Ocarina of Time Super Mario 64 Paper Mario 64...
  5. rockerzz182

    Hacking 3DS Hack

    Yifanlu the creator of psx hombrew for experia play and other exploits tweeted that the 3ds is hacked.. Heres the screen shot from his tweeter account..
  6. rockerzz182

    Hacking Lameboy and other Emu

    Is there a way to return in dstwo menu when you are using lameboy or other emulator without resetting the nds just like gba and snes emulaor??
  7. rockerzz182

    Lord Of Shadow

    Is Gabriel Belmont The First Belmont??
  8. rockerzz182

    Gaming Sleeping Pikachu..

    In celebration of the Tokyo Pokemon Center's first anniversary in their new building, all Pokemon Center branches in Japan will be offering an Onemuri Pikachu (Sleeping Pikachu) for downloading into the Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum games. Sleeping Pikachu knows the moves Yawn, Rest, Snore, and...
  9. rockerzz182

    Gaming Golden sun Dark Dawn Sequel..

    Do you think that the Goldensun Dark Dawn Sequel will be release On Nintendo Ds Even Though That the 3DS will come out Next Year??
  10. rockerzz182

    ROM Hack 3d Markings

    What Is The disable 3d edge marking cheat on pokemon ??What is the effect when you activate that cheat??
  11. rockerzz182

    Hacking DSTT Fake Killer

    How Do you Know Or What Are The Symptoms That Your Card Is Affected By Fake killer.. And Is There A way To Revive Your DSTT That Been Killed By Fake Killer??
  12. rockerzz182

    ROM Hack DStwo Gba EMulation

    Is Kingdom Hearts chain of memories and golden sun 1&2 works 100% on supercard dstwo??
  13. rockerzz182

    Gaming Pokemon Trading Cards

    What do you think is the reason that they dont create a pokemon trading card game on gba and nds?? i used to play it on gbc and it is a great game..
  14. rockerzz182

    ROM Hack Noob Question Beta Testers??

    What is the beta testers do??is it require to have a special skills on gaming and programming??
  15. rockerzz182

    Gaming Megaman X Collection On DS,3DS,PsP..

    Theres Megaman Zero Collection On Ds and Its Great.. Megaman X Series is a one Of the Best Megaman ive ever Played.. Do you Think They Will Make a Megaman X Collection?? And What unit do you want to play it??
  16. rockerzz182

    Gaming games like sims urbz..

    another game like sims bustin out and urbz sims in the city on ds??
  17. rockerzz182

    Hacking R4i-Sdhc v.1.4 (1.20b)Kernel Update

    R4i 1.20b Update: 1. Fix slow loading games problem. Significant improve games loading speed. 2. New NDS/NDSi games Wi-Fi search/download engine features. 3. Auto firmware upgrade through Wi-Fi. 4. Solved games: 4858 - Pet Shop Monogatari DS 2 (J) 4857 - Kodawari Saihai Simulation: Ochanoma Pro...
  18. rockerzz182

    Gaming Games Future AP

    what do you think will be the future AP for next pokemon you can see they give us a hard time for making anti piracy patch for heart gold and soul silver to be played on flashcart.. what do you think will be their next step??and also for the other you think it will be the end...
  19. rockerzz182

    Gaming Help About Pokemon Shiny Gold..

    Im using supercard minisd but when i played pokemon shiny gold it cant be saved..and when i go outside going to prof elm i got black screen.. someone pls hel p..thanx in advance..
  20. rockerzz182

    ROM Hack Help! Rudolphs Universal Childsplay Patch Error

    well i tried the patch and it got an error message: "can't find the universal code pattern to be patched" Can some one help me..Thanx in advance.. sorry for double posting..
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