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  1. El Blacksheep

    Hacking Need help creating WADs from my dumped games (usb)

    I tried using Crap, didnt work. It created the WADs and i was able to install them but when i tried to load them from the wii menu the games wouldn't load (timed out after 30 seconds on the usb mounting step) Tried WiiGSC, it wouldn't even install. Tried Loadstructor, it crashes while trying to...
  2. El Blacksheep

    Gaming Blur

    I got it at bestbuy for $20
  3. El Blacksheep

    Gaming Upgrading to 360 S

    Why would I be looking for one in Europe? And I got mine about 2 hours ago.
  4. El Blacksheep

    Gaming XBOX 360 Slim: Has Anyone Found A Store with this?

    I just got back from Gamestop. With a 360S in the bag. I win. The kid behind the counter said they weren't carrying (or even planning to carry) the HDD data transfer kit so I gotta transfer my shit over with my USB stick
  5. El Blacksheep

    Gaming Upgrading to 360 S

    I'm assuming it's the most recent. Games I've played on it: Resident Evil 5 FF13 L4D2 CoDWaW CoDMW2 Tekken 6 SF4 GoW GoW2 Armored Core 4 Armored Core FA Fable 2 Devil May Cry 4 GH2 GH3 GH5 RB2 Borderlands Fight Night Round 4 DJ Hero I'm on vacation. If there's a store in town with a 360S I...
  6. El Blacksheep

    Gaming Upgrading to 360 S

    So, here's my situation: I currently own a white 360 I bought used on craigslist a year ago. Has HDMI and all that. 120GB HDD. Never once had any problems with it. I own over 20 great games for it. I am getting the new 360 S. Main selling points are the 250GB HDD and in-built WiFi, which if...
  7. El Blacksheep

    How is this better than a PSP /w CFW?

    hmm okay, thought i was missing out on something. carry on then. EDIT:   Price I'll agree with, tho I firmly believe in "you get what you pay for." MiniSD I don't see as a plus... you can get an adapter unit that converts two MicroSDs into one MS Pro Duo, allowing much more storage than...
  8. El Blacksheep

    How is this better than a PSP /w CFW?

    Not trying to rain on anybody's parade, just wondering why someone would get a Dingoo for emulating retro games when a PSP can do the same, and also play PS1 and PSP games on top of that o.O
  9. El Blacksheep

    Gaming Secret Of Mana alternatives?

    I kinda haven't touched my DS since buying a PSP. Not only can you play your SoM, but then you can keep the mana series going with SD3 (SNES) and LoM (PSX) as well. In fact, with emulators on my phone being more powerful than my DS, it's really collecting dust these days.
  10. El Blacksheep

    M3Sakura 1.42X

    IMO this feature finally puts the M3 on par with the Cyclo for "Best NDS flashcart" considerations. shame my DS just collects dust now. oh well (goes back to playing FF7 on psp)
  11. El Blacksheep

    Gaming PSP Games

    I've got 32gb on my psp Mostly I'm playing PSX oldies. Right now it's FF7 (again), as I just got done with Crisis Core not too long ago and it's nice linking the two together. But as far as PSP games go, I'll be getting into: - Dissidia (I haven't quite burned out on this yet) - Disgaea 2...
  12. El Blacksheep

    Gaming Couple questions

    thanks, took me awhile to get it all working but I did it
  13. El Blacksheep

    Gaming Couple questions

    Disclaimer: Yes I checked the stickies / searched first. So hey, I just bought a used PSP (a phat, since the store I bought it from didn't have any slims and I didn't want to risk buying a new slim with an unhackable mobo from a website). It's got version 5.03 on it. I heard there's a way to...
  14. El Blacksheep

    Final Fantasy Gaiden (DS) website open and screens

    what the hell is wrong with today's game makers? i'm tired of all these "pre-pubescant teen fights to overcome acne and save the world before his balls drop" games... whatever happened to these games featuring adults as the protagonists?
  15. El Blacksheep

    Gaming Most Addictive Games at the moment?

    Disgaea DS TWEWY Knights in the Nightmare Elite Beat Agents Kirby Super Star Ultra Advance Wars Days of Ruin Castlevania Order of Ecclesia Chrono Trigger GRID Metal Slug 7 Retro Game Challenge
  16. El Blacksheep

    Gaming Knights in the Nightmare Hype thread

    some games are leaked weeks in advance, some games arrive the night before the shipping date, some games are 1-2 days after the shipping date, and some games dont get dumped for days / weeks. no point in anticipating something that random. "omg it didnt come out today, maybe it'll come...
  17. El Blacksheep

    Gaming Knights in the Nightmare Hype thread

    i've been anxiously waiting for this for quite some time now. a few more days wont hurt.
  18. El Blacksheep

    Gaming New to Pokemon - Which one to start with?

    FireRed or LeafGreen for GBA covers the RBY series with some bonus content Crystal for GBC covers the GSC series Emerald for GBA covers the RSE series Platinum for NDS covers the DPP series Each series has a separate storyline, and specific pokemon exclusive to that series. Furthermore, each...
  19. El Blacksheep

    Gaming Which starter in Pokemon Platinum did you choose?

    Flamethrower, Close Combat, Grass Knot. 4th move doesn't even matter, those 3 let Infernape sweep everything in-game.
  20. El Blacksheep

    Hacking GBA Bug with the M3Real?

    Wouldn't do a bit of good. Apparently the bug causes every bit in the save file to be overwritten with zeros, so it doesn't contain any data :/ It just really bothers me the one game I was putting a lot of effort into a "perfect" save file ends up getting corrupted by some bug the m3 devs...
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