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    Hacking Does the DSTWO support .dsi extension?

    Hi, I'm planning on buying a DSTWO from shoptemp, my niece wants the Imagine Artist game but I saw that its a dsi enhanced game with a file extension of .dsi. I read that the AKAIO flash card supports .dsi extensions (you can play the game but not use any of the dsi only features) So my...
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    Hacking M3i Zero Questions

    Hi everyone. I have a normal NDS and I use the M3i zero flash cart so far its been perfect. My questions are: 1. Can I play Dsi roms on my normal DS with the flash cart 2. Whats the latest version of the firmware for the M3i zero and where can I get it? Thanks alot for any help you can offer.
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    Gaming PsP Go Hackable?

    Hi everyone, First time i'm looking at hacking a psp and i've read all the faqs and tutorials about hacking the psp phat and slim and i am now up to date with the lingo and procedure (i think) Anyway i'm think of buying a psp-go and so far i havent seen any info on this site about the custom...
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    Hacking Help? could not set the revision to 0

    Hi i just tried modding a wii, it was 3.1u and i read everywhere on the forum that i should just do an offical nintendo update to 4.2u and then use the new bannerbomb through the sd menu and i got HBC and Boot Mii up and running perfectly. But in the next set to mod the wii was to use the...
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