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    Is trading steam games fine?

    Since it is included under downloadable content. STEAM recently added the ability for STEAM users to trade games with each other that they've both bought. Would it be okay to do so here?
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    Misc Error Code: 005-5686

    Well. I tried googling the error code but absolutely nothing popped up. I had connected to the store to download a few ambassador gba games. Now a day later it just doesn't seem to work, and I get that error. Any clue what it means?
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    Game & Watch Ball

    Anyone have any clue on how to turn it off? lol
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    Best SNES Emulator?

    Well. I've currently got the PSP, and I was wondering if there's a better device for SNES emulation. With the PSP, it plays a huge amount of games great, and without sound it's near perfect for a lot. I'm just wondering if there's a better solution however (that doesn't cost near $500...No...
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    Hardware How to turn off the low-power blinking lights?

    Well, when the 3DS is low power, it has two lights that literally go mad telling me that it's low power. Is there any way to turn this off? The blinking is extremely distracting. I checked the options but didn't see anything, but maybe I missed it?
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    How long to ship?

    Hi. Just wondering how long it takes to ship an ordered prize? It says the delivery time on the website, but not how long it takes for the order to be placed.
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    Gaming USB Heated Gloves

    Well, at my universities residence, my hands are always getting cold. Then someone showed me these online - USB heated gloves. You just plug them in, and in literally a minute your hands begin to warm up. Sounds like a fantastic idea to me! But, I'm not sure which one to buy. There are so many...
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    Hacking Neogamma + DKCR

    Hey. It's been quite some time since I've been around, and I'd like to play DKCR. I've currently got WiiGators 0.3 Beta loader. I'm still on 3.4U, heh. So what do I need to get this game working? I've been searching around, and I'm pretty sure I found what I need: Neogamma R9 Then, I need...
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    FileTrip points to ShopTemp $$?

    Just curious. I've got about 450 files uploaded ($4.5), I was wondering if there's any way to transfer it over, so I can spend it on shoptemp, instead of the puny selection that filetrip has.
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    Hacking Mario Brothers

    Well. I've got a 3.3U Wii. I really havn't touched it for quite awhile, so I'm not quite sure what all the IOS, CIOS, Bootmii, and whatnot is. Basically, I have the said version, with the Homebrew channel installed..And that's about it. So I bought the New Super Mario Bros, and it wants me to...
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    Two new Touhou demo from Isabela. Shoot 'Em Up, one with Stylus controls, and the other with d-pad. Download Source
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    Paypal Question

    Hey. I've got a quick question for you guys. Right now - I've got a personal paypal account, and it's going to be hooked up to my bank in a days time. I'm wanting to get rid of some stuff - so I want to be able to sell on ebay, (or just right off this site..) Anyways. Can personal accounts...
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    Piracy Blog

    Hey there. I recall around half a year, someone made a post about Piracy. Within the post, (as I remember it,) actually had each law concerning ROM's, and backups. I recall the poster actually reading through the laws, and talking about them, showing what rumors are true, and which aren't. So...
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    Hardware GBA Patching

    Well. I'm not needing any help, but I do have a question. Why do GBA games need to be patched before playing, and NDS do not? Just curious.
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    Multiplayer NES, SNES + Mastersystem Games

    Well hello there! Currently, I'm compiling the largest multiplayer game list ever made. But - it's only for the older consoles. So far, I'm including NES, SNES, N64, Mastersystem, Genesis/32x/Mega-CD. (Please don't request more - I will get to each console respectively in time.) So. Basically...
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    Soulja Boy's Challenge

    Well. Remember when Soulja Boy sent out a challenge to all Xbox Live gamers? If you don't - watch the youtube video below. Well. A website actually decided to accept his challenge. [Woot], has decided to take him on in several games. Check out the movie below, if you didn't...
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    Camera Help

    Hi. I'm having trouble transferring my movie from the camera to my PC. I'm using the USB cable, and the Memory Stick DUO. I'm not sure how to transfer it. I've checked the manual, and it only tells how to transfer still pictures through USB. Could I get some help on how to transfer the video...
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    Gaming Locks Quest

    Well. I'm having some trouble on Day 97, where Agony is attacking Antonia personally. [Antonia Walls]. What strategy should I use to beat him? :|. I've been trying to poison him, then bomb/freeze him in place, but this doesn't seem to work too well. He just reaches my towers, [while breaking...
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    When turning off your Wii, do you..:

    So, a quick poll. Just wondering how you people shut off your Wii. *Edited to allow multiple answers..~_~* *Edited again for more answers*
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    Shortcut Problems [Vista ~_~]

    Alright. I've been having some problems with using shortcuts recently. I've made two .bat files. One moves two files, and the other moves them back. [You don't need to know why..] Now, I've set the shortcut for these files to Ctrl + Alt + N, and Ctrl + Alt + M. So doing Ctrl + Alt + N will...
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