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    ROM Hack Dragon Quest IX - Save Editor

    To get a new treasure map in your save just click on the treasure tab > click on the plus sign in the list > enter to map no (first, second) Here is a list of all the best maps in the game: 134, 30804 (Floor 11 is full of Metal King Slimes, Boss = Lucid) 175, 2720 (Floor 7 is full of Metal...
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    Gaming Installing A Custom Firmware Tutorial

    So has anyone tried method 1 battery mod with a "Made in Japan" slim battery?
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    Gaming Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass.

    Waffles invading our internets.
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    DS #1455: Ed's Farm (Europe)

    Maybe Ed has dumped Zelda but won't share it with the rabbits?
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    Gaming Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass.

    The US groups should be glad they get a 2 week headstart to dump Zelda before the EU guys get the chance.
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    Gaming Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass.

    Yeah the US people have been rather useless as of late. What with the invasion of Iraq and everything, everyone knew Zelda wasn't there but they just couldn't help themselves.
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    DS #1455: Ed's Farm (Europe)

    Because they know that the patch on his leg provides easy access.
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    DS #1455: Ed's Farm (Europe)

    You've obviously never been to ed's farm
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    DS #1455: Ed's Farm (Europe)

    First game with a penis shaped icon?
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    Hacking ScummVM G6DS Real 16GB

    ScummVM 0.10a boots up fine and I can startup a game but when its a talky it always lags each time it has to load a new line of speech. This wasn't a problem on my 8GB G6DS but that had other problems due to the early DLDI patching. Anyone else got this problem on original talky versions (DOTT...
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    Hacking G6DS Real - Download play compatibility list

    Bomberman DS works
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    Hacking Homebrew that works

    ok scrap that scummvm.ini contents keeps getting overwritten with the name of the first DS game in ur g6 list in my case "New Super Mario.nds" after you play any game. anyone else got this problem?
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    Hacking Homebrew that works

    ScummVM goes in root. setup all the settings + games and then quit. plug in the g6 to your pc again and set the scummvm.ini to read only as for some reason it overwrite it with information about the nds games on your card thus forcing it to crash next time you...
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    Hacking G6 Real Auto Patcher Released?!

    Works great for ScummVM. Not tested any other applications yet.
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    Hacking G6 Real Auto Patcher Released?!

    Where do I click to download it I cant find the link Could you give a direct link to the file itself? Nm you have to register to download. Testing it all out now.
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    Hacking G6 Real 16GB

    Here's hoping they have the english DLDI loader released by then too.
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    Hacking Mediatextend/Moonshell font selection

    When I am reading an ebook in moonshell on my G6DS real I can't change font type. It lists them but I can't select them. Do I have to place the font types somewhere on the G6?
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    Gaming NDS remakes

    Jet Grind Radio Crazy Taxi Flashback Ultima 7 Psycho Pinball Civ 2 Multiplayer Power stone 2 (with wifi please) Marvel vs Capcom 2 SFIII Third Strike Garou - Mark of the Wolves Syndicate X-Com Tie fighter
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