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  1. eXtremeDevil

    Emulation Help extracting save from goomba sav

    Hi, so I've been playing with the EZ Omega to a gbc game and now goomba doesn't save anymore. It shows no error, only when I try to make a savestate (I don't use them) it says "memory full". I can load the last savegame but can't write any new progress. I tried Goomba Save Extractor with no...
  2. eXtremeDevil

    Hacking Can't save GBA game through R4 + EZ Flash V Expansion Pack

    Hi, I got a ROM yesterday of save type SRAM_V111 (256Kbit). I can't patch it with GBATA, it doesn't give me the option, I guess because it is not neccesary. I load the ROMs through R4 menu (Wood R4 1.62 I guess, the only info I have about the firmware is "wood akmenu 1.62" in help options, and I...
  3. eXtremeDevil

    Hacking Updated EZ Flash IV firmware, now I can't save games

    Hi, a few days ago I decided to recover my old SP. I have a white-translucent EZ Flash IV (EZ402 2006.3) with firmware version 1.720. To my surprise, I discovered that there are newer firmwares for my flashcart, specifically 2.05, so I downloaded it and installed it. With a few problems, I may...
  4. eXtremeDevil

    Hacking EZ-Flash V Lite v2 (New3in1) and R4 Wood 1.62

    So I just found and bought an EZ for the DS Lite. I have had an R4 for the DSL since I have the console itself. Now I'm trying to run GBA games with the EZ card. If I launch them from the R4 wood, I get a white screen after the gameboy logo. If I run the ROMs from GBAExploader 0.58b0MX I get...
  5. eXtremeDevil

    Hardware GBA Wireless Adapter & EZ Flash IV?

    Are those two compatible? I have the flashcard and I just saw the GBA wireless adapter on a local store... is it compatible? Can the emulated roms use the device? Thanks.
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