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  1. deathboy

    Hacking Star Ocean 1/2 TempAR Problems

    I am running 6.60 PRO-C2, TempAR 1.63 and am having problems with both Star Ocean games. When I try to cheat when running from UMD or from memory stick, the games lock up. Without cheats they run fine. When I didn't use CFW long ago, and the PSP Action replay, the games played perfectly. Any ides?
  2. deathboy

    Hacking Hexen 2 PSP 1.1 Issue

    I am trying to play Hexen 2 PSP Version 1.1 and when I reset, the control configuration I set up doesn't save. The next time I try to play it, I get key not bound errors and have to redo my setup. Any Ideas? PSP-2001 running 6.60 Pro-C2, btw.
  3. deathboy

    Hacking Final Fantasy III Issue

    I have a hacked PSP running 5.50 Prome-4. When I try to run an ISO of Final Fantasy III, it freezes in the intro video. If I skip the video, the game loads fine. Are there other video in the game I should be worried about? Also, anything I can do to the ISO to fix the freezing?
  4. deathboy

    Hacking PSP 5.50 Prome-4

    Just got a Japanese PSP 2001 with PSP 5.50 Prome-4. I'm wondering what to do next. Is this the latest hacked firmware? Should I update? Where can I go for cheats for PSP games? Emulators? Plus, I can't get the PSP to connect to my Netgear router. Any advice? Sorry. New to this. Really excited...
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