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  1. PokeFan221

    Help! fatal error fuse kip corrupted

    I don't know what happened I was playing smash bros last night switch crashed and now when I re inject payload I just get this what happened and what can I do
  2. PokeFan221

    Atmosphere won't stop crashing pls help

    Ever since I updated and did everything it has just said this and I don't know what to do can anyone help pls
  3. PokeFan221

    Switch cfw won't load pls help

    I updated my switch cfw to 1.2.2 atmosphere and have the right fuse.bin my friend said it was ok to update the switch normally so I did now atmosphere just crashes can anyone help
  4. PokeFan221

    Hacking Sxos boot up help error code 2168-0002

    Hi I am kinda a noob with switch hacking and I haven't updated my switch In a while I updated it to 11.0 with Choi like I always do but now I keep getting error code 2168-0002 no matter what I do my sd card is Exfat and I am using the current sxos ver 3.1 can anyone please help me (Also I don't...
  5. PokeFan221

    Hacking Question Switch side rail

    I have a gen 1 switch and i want to continue using cfw on it but the right rail where the jig goes gave out i have a replacement part but cause there is a stripped screw it cant be open and replace without cracking the console and i dont want that to happen does anyone know a way to do cfw with...
  6. PokeFan221

    ROM Hack Harvest Moon: Light of Hope save editor for money

    is there a save editor or a way to edit the save to get max money in Harvest Moon: Light of Hope
  7. PokeFan221

    Hardware WiiU GamePad is Turning off by itself Help!!!

    For the Past two times I have played on my wiiu the gamepad would randomly turn off and i have no idea why. I rarely play the thing but i Just want to get to the bottom of why its turning off
  8. PokeFan221

    Homebrew Is it Possible To use 3RD Party Pro Controller with PC?

    I bought a new 3rd Party pro controller from amazon and it connects to the wiiu just fine but not my pc i tried wiiusoft and not working can anyone help me make this work
  9. PokeFan221

    ROM Hack was there ever a rumble Blast save editor made?

    I know the game is old and this is a old topic but i only found one for world and i need one for blast so i can edit the mons moves to make it so i can catch the Pokemon easily
  10. PokeFan221

    Homebrew Is there a way to use ntr cheats with 2ds

    just wondering for a friend
  11. PokeFan221

    Hacking Super Paper Mario crashes Wii U Help

    When I create a new file and name it the system freezes and makes a loud noise can anyone help
  12. PokeFan221

    Hacking Error when trying to connect online please help

    Keep getting this error no matter what I do
  13. PokeFan221

    Homebrew Fort42 isn't working

    I keep trying to load up list for super mystery dungeon and I keep getting message user and I've tried with even ultra Moon same issue what's going on with the site
  14. PokeFan221

    ROM Hack Online banned help

    Idk why this is happening I traded earlier just fine now this can anyone help
  15. PokeFan221

    Hacking Jgecko wont load up LOZ Twilight Princess HD Help??

    I have been trying for 2 days to make it work and it wont it keeps saying its no supported but i know it is I am using the newest jgecko and the latest tcpgecko can anyone help
  16. PokeFan221

    Hacking Will there ever be a screen recorder for wiiu?

    The title says it all i am just wondering if there will ever be a screen recorder for wii u like ntrviewer for the 3ds
  17. PokeFan221

    Hacking Is it possible to save GameCube vc saves on wii u

    i am just wondering is it possible to save game progress on a cfw wii u with gc vc on it
  18. PokeFan221

    Hacking Nand Dumper wont read my usb stick when trying to dump(HELP PLEASE)

    I am trying to dump my new wii u nand and it wont give me the usb option just my small 8gb sd card i dont have a spare 64gb to dump my 32gb wii u nand on can anyone help
  19. PokeFan221

    Homebrew Is there a Pokemon Gold and Silver VC NTR Plug In?

    I have been looking for hours with no luck does one even exists?
  20. PokeFan221

    Homebrew R4 Gold card error on luma3ds 11.6

    I am getting this error every time i try and load my R4 on my new 3ds xl running luma and a9lh can anyone help
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