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  1. DozerGuy

    Gaming Do Mario Kart cheaters actually believe they win?

    While I run into the occasional saboteur, most Mario Kart cheaters online usually only win the race. That got me wondering. Do cheaters that win the race actually believe they win? Do they get the same feeling of satisfaction and excitement when conquering all the variables to win the race like...
  2. DozerGuy

    Misc Exitebike Friend Code List

    Anyone else love Exitebike World Rally? Lets post our friend codes! 1935 0741 0220 Name: BDOG.
  3. DozerGuy

    RAD (anybody remember?)

    One of my favorite movies when I was A kid. Anybody else old enough to remember?.
  4. DozerGuy

    Favorite Bob Marley song.

    Roots - B side to the Exodus single, Rebel Music Revolution - Natty Dread Put It On - Burnin'
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