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  1. willy-wilson

    Homebrew Kirby and the Crystal Shards DS (looking for programmer)

    Ok this is mock up ive been working on for the last couple of days, my fav game for the 64 on the DS would be amazing and it would work to. Im a 3d modeler and texture artist but i have no exp with code whatsoever (note: the ground and background in this scene are horrible and dont match in...
  2. willy-wilson

    Homebrew Screencapture

    Is there an app that can run in the background and take a screenshot of both screens with the press of a button? If not is this even possible?
  3. willy-wilson

    Homebrew NDS Model Viewer (someone please continue work on this)

    NDS model viewer. I DO NOT take credit for making this im just posting it, actually in hopes that someone will continue dev on it, as the person developing it, hasn't posted anything new in years. Its an amazing resource for those doing ds spec 3d work and i would love to see the prinny model...
  4. willy-wilson


    hey im will, kinda new here. Im a graphic designer and 3d artist new to the DS and Flashcarts. Got my dsi xl about a week ago, still waiting for the flashcart to arive but i cant wait to get into the homebrew scene (p.s if anyone knows a coder intrested in trying to do a kirby and the crystal...
  5. willy-wilson

    Foreign international dispatch

    Just wondering what foreign international dispatch means, tracking has been stuck this way for about 6-7 days now without an update, and was wondering if this is usual, or if i should be worried? I bought an acekard 2i and 8 gig microsd with the $1 registered shipping. I know this is obviously...
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