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  1. ita54

    Gaming Cold war cross Bundle for 5 Euro!

    You can run to psn with the App and add the free week cold war and buy this for free, than go to cold war cross gen bundle with the App and buy for 5 Euro in europe. PS+ needed. Enjoy ps4 and ps5 versions ;)
  2. ita54

    Gaming Demon's Souls gone Gold

    Gold on September 24. Lance Mcdonald speak on Twitter, he is the 60 fps patch maker for Bloodborne.
  3. ita54

    Gaming Gratis dynamic theme ps4

    Sucker Punch have a Gift for you 38BE-G6N8-L93A for Europe Here’s a free #GhostOfTsushima PS4 Dynamic Theme Americas: BEFB-AMNR-R4F6 Europe/AU/NZ/Russia/Middle East/Africa/India: 38BE-G6N8-L93A Japan: N4TK-59NH-2LH3 Korea: EM56-NTNC-EHX8 Rest of Asia: DHLN-HANF-F6LH Codes expire Jan 31...
  4. ita54

    Homebrew CPS2 emu??

    Hi is there no cps2 emulator for wii?
  5. ita54

    Hacking System update v.3.4v2???

    Hi i have update to 3.4 and now i cant install the homebrewchannel v1.01!! it say always installing tickets error 2011! Help!Is this a new nintendo bug closing update? wii menu system 389 (v24e)
  6. ita54

    Hacking System update v.3.4v2???

    sorry for double post please delete this!
  7. ita54

    Hacking Backup loader0.1!

    Hi can anyone modiefied the first leakead loader for the last cios? zelda work with the first loader very fine but with the new cios for the backup launcher0.3 its do not more work! i know that it was leakead but waninkoko please help us!
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