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    Comment by 'Berthenk' in 'galaxy s3 does it worth the money or not?'

    Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like? Derpy title, mate!
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    Comment by 'Berthenk' in '(Lack of) Development Blog 14/08/12'

    I've decided to try and write some proper code out of your pseudo code. Take a look once you've finished yourself, or if you can't figure it out.
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    Comment by 'Berthenk' in 'Development Log 13/08/12'

    I'd like to see your approach at using classes here. :) In your code, you initialized a load of routes on separate lines. If you're initializing a lot variables of the same type, you can do that like this: int var1, var2, var3, var4 = 666, var5, var6, var7 = 9001; float imFloating, imToo...
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    Gaming Free image host?

    cubeupload allows for JPG, PNG and GIFs up to 5 MB.
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    Gaming SMITE keys

    FRC23D23672C7E432496508BC Thanks!
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    Comment by 'Berthenk' in 'Got a new job! :D Part 2'

    Any chance you could hook up some fellow Dutchmen/women (not of the flying type) on some discounts? ;)
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    Comment by 'Berthenk' in 'i just called my friend a rasict name...'

    Wouldn't researching how why it would sting rub salt in the wound?
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    Comment by 'Berthenk' in 'Another Dream D:'

    The first dream you wrote about is a lot like sleep paralysis. During sleep paralysis you're unable to move anything except for your eyes and it's paired with hallucinations. Also, not remembering dreams is not uncommon at all. If you want to remember more, you should keep some sort of dream...
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    Origin hits 1st year anniversary - "huge success"

    It's not noticeably faster for me, but the client though... damn, even updating the thing takes minutes! As opposed to Steam whose updates are almost instantly and you only have to wait for a client reboot. Fuck, even downloading the Origin client is slow.
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    tixati vs utorrent

    Apparently people here are not paranoid about µTorrent and legal issues. I don't know the complete dealio but some people are very worried about µTorrent leaking out their download/upload usage to the FBI or something like that. I've used Tixati for a while but I think I prefer µTorrent. I mean...
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    AMD unveils Trinity chipsets

    That´s because the prices of laptops with a Trinity processor should be around the same level of those of i5 CPU laptops. i7 is in a different price class ( 2 times as much, I've read).
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    Chiptunes, anyone?

    Oi, I remember that one! Love it! Also, the IDM All Products 17.X Keygen by Core. It's got some awesome music: b0LZ9osANbE Derp, video says it's for Corel software but I guess it's on other keygens by Core as well. Then there's the PiZZADOX GTA San Andreas trainer: tTAMZws0IF4 Will post more...
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    Beyond Good and Evil 2 Confirmed For Next Gen Consoles A higher resolution image so you can properly see what's going on. Not sure what to think of this as it's still in development. Edit: why did it go away? Another edit: wut? "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community." It's a .jpg...
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    Hardware Super cheap headset

    Got the Creative Fatl1ty, would not recommend it. After a few hours it starts to hurt. Can't comment on the sound quality though because I'm not at all knowledgeable in that area.
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    ACTA Gets Killed

    Up to the next "cyber security" bill against which there might not be as much protest!
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    Hardware Optimal PC/ Laptop specs

    Oh, I guess I just misinterpreted "for gpu it's better you take the Nvidia 500 sereis(especially the Nvidia GTX 560 Ti) as they have Physx." Also, as is written in my post, I do have at least some basic understanding of PhysX (i.e., only done properly via faster NVIDIA GPUs). PhysX is only...
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    Hardware Optimal PC/ Laptop specs

    The 500 series is indeed better for GPGPU purposes because of something I read (something about less floating point calculation units? Don't know the details but the results can be found here, double precision floating point performance severely lacks compared to a reference (and underclocked!)...
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    Hardware Optimal PC/ Laptop specs

    Model numbers again mean nothing, it's actual performance measured in benchmarks like others have said. In CPU performance, yes. However, when it comes to integrated GPU performance AMD's APUs easily take the crown. Trinity will include Piledriver cores (next-gen Bulldozer cores) instead of...
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    Hardware Best 15 inch laptop?

    Since you're Dutch I recommend you take a look around, especially their Notebook Best Buy Guide of both April and February. There's a lot of reviews by the Tweakers team themselves and even more by users. Also, check out Hardware.Info. From here on out you're pretty much on your own.
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    Samsung Galaxy s3 unveiled

    Didn´t like the design at first, now I think it´s just kinda meh. I mean, I´ve seen better looking phones but it´s not that ugly either. Don´t think I really care about the specs. Only reasons why it´s better than the HTC One X are that it´s got an SD card slot, a slightly bigger screen, and...
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