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  1. skins20

    Hardware According to this seal of guarantee, my ps4 slim (new) is reconditioned?

    I bought a NEW Ps4 Slim 1TB: Cuh-2215b(No-Bundle), in Best buy-USA with the aim of Jailbreak The box was sealed, but the sticker was vaguely worn, but both the console and the accessories are spotless and intact. The surprise: Happy Firmware 8.00. It's strange that because it's a 2017 model...
  2. skins20

    Hacking how can i Log in "Nvidia Games" App? (Switch with Android)

    Has anyone currently been able to login to the "Nvidea games" application on Nintendo Switch with LineageOS 15.1 (Android8.1)? I was able to install it successfully but I cannot log in, when I enter the login section, the browser opens and the page is not displayed, and it gives an error, Do I...
  3. skins20

    Homebrew Question Sys-con with Ams 0.14 -Fw 10.1.0 it's possible?

    Is there a way to get sys-con to work with ams 0.14 fw 10.0.1?
  4. skins20

    Homebrew Is there any tool to check the temperature parameters of the NS?

    Hi,Community of GbaTemp Do You Remember "Control Fan Utility" for playstation 3 CFW? Is there any tool similar to that today but for NS? You know, to know if everything is fine in there
  5. skins20

    Hacking Mode:Autorcm, its ok?

    Hi! Is it possible to completely turn off the NS in Autorcm mode? I thought I had turned it off but after 14 hours supposedly turned off, the battery was discharged 60%, I do not see this well. Is it okay for the useful life of the NS that this happens?
  6. skins20

    Hacking When a copy of the NAND becomes obsolete and how often should I make a copy

    Hi!,"Gbatemp Community" I have read comments in other forums that when their NS do brick they can not restore their NAND copy because it is too old,and I want to avoid that. So,Do I have to make a copy of the nand every time the console is updated to a new OFW? Or should I do it every time a...
  7. skins20

    Hacking Is it possible to install an .nsp via usb or ftp directly on the NAND with some cfw?

    Hi, I use reinx and now I have the problem to install an .nsp that exceeds the capacity of my micro SD. Is possible install an .nsp via usb or ftp directly on the NAND with some cfw?
  8. skins20

    Hacking ¿Is currently reliable use tinfoil to install DLC?

    Hi^_^ a few months ago I read that the tinfoil could be risky to install DLC, is it still that way? Any suggestions? I have the latest version of tinfoil, I'm in 6.0.1. Bonus Question(Optional): When I check the nsp games with the tinfoil there are some yellow lines indicating that the...
  9. skins20

    Hardware Socket SD WII compatible WII U?

    Hi! I have a console "WII U" which will damage the SD slot and in fact does not detect SD cards .. but in the country where I live now it is difficult to find that spare because there are not many spare distributors of that console. Given the case I wanted to know if a slot of the WII SD card...
  10. skins20

    Hacking Problem with external usb wii u-No detect

    I have a problem with my external USB hard drive, try installing a zelda breath of the wild update(WUP installer) but forget to activate "mocha" and the update did not finish installing, I left half and I left an error, after that no longer me I forgot the games I have on my hard drive. Is there...
  11. skins20

    Homebrew How Extract saved game and convert it to readable by loadiine?

    Before you say "Saviine" I must mention that I only have the game saved(only the save) in the console and I no longer have the game ... how could I do? Could you install that game by wup installer and use that save? Or do they have some other more feasible method? I do not have the game only...
  12. skins20

    Hacking how i do backup of the games installed on my HDD?

    Hi How do I backup the games installed on my HDD formatted by the Wii U ... and transfer those games to the computer or to another hard disk ... I only need a backup of everything that is installed on my HDD .. there is some way or App To do this??
  13. skins20

    Misc what disadvantages exist with a console Wii U Banned exactly?

    what disadvantages actually exist with a console Wii U Banned exactly? I still play online ? my digital games are deleted of my console games instantly? can I prevent blockage before it happens ?
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