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    Hacking [WIP] open source Kernel access on 3DS

    Just curious; would it be potentially possible to launch Gateway's Launcher.dat through Cubic Ninja through this as opposed to the OoT exploit?
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    Homebrew [Release] Hello World

    Hey, as the creator of that other hello world program, thanks for making this. I originally made that to serve as a basis for basic text-based applications, but like you said its a bit too complex to be very useful, and yours does a much better job :lol:
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    Homebrew [W.i.P] Lua Player Plus - First Lua Interpreter for 3DS

    Looks pretty awesome, however upon compiling it and trying to run it, my 3DS crashes to the home menu..
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    Hacking 3DS Firmware has been decrypted

    DS mode, to my understanding, is a DS emulator on the 3DS. Or atleast a sandbox, no one really knows for sure.
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    Hacking CiTRUS development

    If the SDK comes with a 3DS emulator (It most likely does), and is able to run unsigned code, thats a way to test it... That is, if the SDK gets leaked..
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    Hacking Will all DS homebrew work with the dsTwo?

    It is hard to say, because each homebrew program is different.. However most (probably all) emulation software will work....If it works on the other major carts, it will work on the DsTSwo.
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    Hacking Formatting to get a flashcart working again

    Ya it dosen't downgrade, i tried
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    Hardware 3rd price drop

    I hate AutoCorrect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stupid iPad....
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    Hardware 3rd price drop

    Crap.... 4 hours late........ Oh well could someone close this?
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    Hardware 3rd price drop

    I was looking at nintendo's Facebook page and I saw that on august 12 the price of the 3ds will drop to 169.99 USD. But for those of us who pail 249.99 will get 20 free eShop games!!!! Source: Peace out Edit: the auto correct accidentally...
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    Hacking Bought a R4i Gold SDHC, but it "freezes"

    Download some other loader (is it ys menu?)
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    Hacking R4i Gold (non-3DS) issue

    It sounds like your carts boot loader is corrupted and you will need to re flash it with a ds or ds lite (no dsi) and another r4 card....that's you're only option............that or buy a new card (and if you do get a new card then I would suggest an acekard 2i, just saying...)
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    Hacking 3DS mode is very toughDo

    because it was too hard to implement with the nintendo ds's architecture or it was too expensive or it didnt exist..
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    Hacking 3DS mode is very toughDo not going to happen...
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    Hardware What's your StreetPass greeting?

    "I want butter!!!"
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    Hacking Homebrew Possebilities

    i like this
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    Hacking Virtual Console Save Conversion

    n64 word size is 32-bit and THANK YOU!!!
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    Hardware Where can I buy a nyko power pack+ cheapest?

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    Hardware Where can I buy a nyko power pack+ cheapest?

    I am not sure if they have best buy's in bulgaria..but they have some
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    Hacking Virtual Console Save Conversion

    i have hex workshop. so do i manually flip everything????? sorry to sound like a noob.
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