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  1. jam1garner

    Hacking [Release] GFA Packer for Yoshi's Wooly World

    Hey, had this sitting around for a while and completely forgot to post it but in case anyone wants to mod Yoshi's Wooly World *crickets chirp* then here you go. (Note: this is untested for Kirby's epic yarn but should work for it as well as I think it uses GFA also (tell me if you can confirm...
  2. jam1garner

    Hacking [Release] Wii U Zip

    Download Twitter Just a small program to manage/edit archives quicker and easier. Currently supported: SARC based archives (.sarc, .arc, .bgenv, .bars, .pack, etc.) YAZ0 compressed SARCs (.szs) YAZ0 compressed file (.szs) Planned: PAC - Smash 4 archive for animations Lzarc/Lz - Paper Mario...
  3. jam1garner

    Hacking [Release] Smash 4 Easy Material + Camera Animation Pack

    Here are some relatively intuitive tools for how to edit/dump/create Smash 4 Material Animations which are useful for if you want an animated sprite stage, a scrolling texture, color animation, etc. Anything you can do with materials you can do with MTA, just in an animated fashion (and with...
  4. jam1garner

    Hacking [Release] MTB Editor by jam1garner and soneek

    No that is not a misspell of MSBT in the title, this is in fact something different. This is my newest tool I'm working on to help make modding easier. What is an MTB? An fighterbanktable.mtb located in data/sound/config/ is a file that controls per costume voicebanks and sound effects. It is...
  5. jam1garner

    Hacking [Release] Smash 4 Easy Stage Editor

    Hello, jam1garner here. I have made a stage editor to help people edit things such as collisions, camera bounds, blastzones, spawn points and respawn points, ledges, and more! I am currently not going to be able to commit a ton of time to this so instead of pushing release back a few weeks just...
  6. jam1garner

    Hacking Smash 4 Easy CSS Editor

    Hello, jam1garner here with another tool to make modding smash 4 easier. This is my CSS Editor. What can it do? It can... Rearrange the CSS order Quickly change the costume number of a character Change the cosmetic ID of a character quickly with a easy to use list of names for changing the...
  7. jam1garner

    Hacking Easy Nus3bank Editor With GUI

    Note: Windows only though it might work through wineskin Features: Quick unpacking of .nus3bank files Lists the .idsps (tracks) from the .nus3bank Allows you to select any number of them and replace with any WAV, OGG, BRSTM, BCSTM, or BFSTRM file that is automatically converted to idsp and...
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