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    Hacking Acekard 2i 3DS 3.0 update out

    Hey all. I 'eject' the card and then pop it back on and my DS reboots... how am I supposed to continue the update? Does the card refer to the SD card? Thanks. Never mind. Speed was the key;
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    Gaming Power Pro Kun Pocket 13 Compatibility with Acekard and Wood R4

    I had no successes on either AKAIO 1.8 or Wood R4 1.18 with both patched (Rudolph's) and clean roms. The screen always shows 'warning' in Kanji characters with a dog. Any idea if the rom is compatible with either of these two firmwares?
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    DS #DSi 0108: Power Pro Kun Pocket 13 (Japan)

    What cards are compatible with this game? I tried on AKAIO 1.8 and Wood R4 1.18 without success. I tried the Rudolph's patch applied roms and clean ones.
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    Misc Wario Diy Friend Code exchange

    You mean going into the Rom settings and changing from unknown/auto to 32mb? I already did it and still didn't work D: Also, I get a freeze when I am checking the contents of my or others' storage box. Any ideas?
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    Misc Wario Diy Friend Code exchange

    I'll add everyone. Thanks Zionia 0904-5078-4916 By the way, my DS freezes when I try to access DIY music or comics or the jukebox. Anyone know anything about this? I have an AKAIO 1.6 RC 2.
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