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    Tutorial Full Stock to arm9loaderhax CFW Guide - Everything You Need to Know (Includes OTPHelper Now)

    Is there an easy way to directly boot the Homebrew Launcher with this setup? It seems that Boot9Ctr accepts 3DSX files in its config, but if I point it to the HBL one, it fails.
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    Tutorial Full Stock to arm9loaderhax CFW Guide - Everything You Need to Know (Includes OTPHelper Now)

    I just followed the old guide yesterday, successfully dumping otp.bin from my N3DS. The new guide now produces an additional otp0x108.bin file which is, however, not used for the arm9loaderhax setup. What is this file? Should I dump it as well? (Since I kept the unbricked 2.1 NAND backup and...
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    Gaming Wireless adapter...£60? blah.

    What you're looking for is a wireless bridge, e.g. this one: You simply connect the bridge device to the ethernet port of your Xbox, then you can join wireless networks. Personally, I'm using an old Linksys wireless router with...
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    Enter this topic and press ctrl+v in a reply

    Will probably never be supported due to encrypted firmware.
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    DS #1383: The Settlers (USA)

    The European version constantly crashed on my DS, and the sound (especially the music) is terrible. I loved Settlers 2 (which this game is based on) when it came out for the PC in 1996, but the DS version is crap.
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    Hacking Vim (free Open Source editor) for DS

    VI (as well as nano ) is included in DSLinux:
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    Gaming Anyone else noticed that wii is...

    Absolutely. GT1, GT2, GT3, GT4, GT5 is much better than Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy! Because GT is not the same series all over again! And while Sony improves the graphics, all Nintendo games look the same! Super Mario Galaxy is exactly the same game as Super...
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    Gaming Picross WOW!

    I'm almost through level 10 of Normal Mode (which seems to be the last level), and all puzzles could be solved without guessing. Some are quite difficult, though.
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    PanikGastrik v1.0

    Holy crap! (SCNR)
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    GBA #2770 - Horse and Pony Mein Pferdehof & Lass Uns Reiten 2 (Ger

    I'm afraid these games are made and published by German companies... Independent Arts is the developer, dtp the publisher.
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    Hardware Can this play GBA ROMS?

    It says 128M on the card, so I'd say you get 16MB. 128MB NOR flash would be much more expensive. I think it's funny that the box says "USB High Speed" while the images clearly show a parallel port connector.
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    Updated Supercard DS ONE in hand at GBAtemp

    Does anybody know what the purpose of the battery is?
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    Strange Nintendo Spam Mail

    What's the point of this, then? I'm registered at Nintendo Germany's website, so the UK site from that link won't let me in. The strange sender address and mail headers don't look like those from other Nintendo mails at all.
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    Strange Nintendo Spam Mail

    I received this strange mail today: (I replaced the end of the userID with XXXXXX in case somebody tries to open it and made the link unclickable.) It's an HTML mail, but there's no dangerous content. Sender address seems to be like in most spam mails ([email protected], no full name...
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    DS #0910: Mind Quiz: Your Brain Coach (USA)

    Just try it for yourself. I think it sucks. The games/training sessions are bad, either too easy (simply touch dogs running around the screen) or too hard (sliding puzzle, drawing forms). The voice recognition is terrible (it can't even recognize the difference between "banana" and "apple")...
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    No more stars for visits on

    I used to visit daily because of the 5 stars they are giving away for each visit every 24h. Today I noticed that the number of my stars didn't increase anymore, and looking at the history of stars earned so far I saw that the last time I got stars for a daily visit was on...
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    Hardware GCN Freeloader on Wii ... Y or N, final answer?

    Since there seems to be a PAL Wii compatible Freeloader available now (some people say they have it) I'm wondering if anybody received a new (PAL Wii compatible!) version of Action Replay yet. The Datel website still says the same thing it said weeks ago, "Freeloader / AR are Wii compatible and...
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    Gaming Can you rip off Wii games like they do GBA,NDS.

    I know about the first method, but I've never heard about the second one. Any additional information about this? Where do you run the "special program"?
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    Gaming gamecube games on the wii

    Currently there's NO version of Freeloader or Action Replay that works on European PAL Wiis. I got a confirmation about this from BigBen, who are distributing the Datel discs in Germany. According to BigBen, a PAL Wii compatible version of AR will be released shortly, I don't know about a new...
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    Wii 2.1E Update Released

    Shopping channel hole?
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