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  1. linkenski

    ROM Hack PSA: You can use live-camera translation on old untranslated games

    Hi, one of my big grievances about DS modding is that we never came far with translations on certain games like SNK's Days of Memories. Google Translate was recently updated with a new live-translate feature which means you can now hold your phone camera at the text panel in a japanese DS game...
  2. linkenski

    ROM Hack Ace Attorney 3DS .GMD files - Certain ones are unreadable

    I've been trying to modify Ace Attorney Dual Destinies using Luma's RomFS functionality. It works pretty fine, as you can see here: The way I did this was with the GMD Tools, where you use Command Prompt to convert .GMD files into .TXTs with an extract function, and then repack it with the...
  3. linkenski

    Hacking Supercard DSTWO gets dangerously hot even when not in use. Suggest alternatives!

    I've had the DSTWO since I got my 3DS and it still works, which is very convenient so I don't have to use my half-broken DS Lite anymore, and thanks to A9LH I now have all the 3DS games I need right on my homescreen, so I keep in the DSTWO all the time -- that way I can also just have my n3DS in...
  4. linkenski

    Gaming Has anyone played Chase - Unsolved Cases Division yet? (Ex-CING developer)

    ...It's been out for like 2-3 weeks in Japan now. Hasn't been dumped or anything and I wonder why. I know CiNG went bankrupt because their amazing games were quite unsuccessful financially, but there seems to be such a passionate cult-following to their games, Hotel Dusk, Last Window, Another...
  5. linkenski

    Hacking Pre-emptive request: Fan-translate Zelda U

    Lately I've been seeing a lot of controversy about the way particularly NoA handles their translations. I don't know what changed but they used to be great, heck, they used to be the absolute best in the industry back in the DS era with Hotel Dusk and stuff and I also remember both Wind Waker...
  6. linkenski

    Hacking I think I created another sysnand by loading RXTools CFW 10.5.0-30 in Sysnand

    My homebrew apps disappeared from my home menu after I tried to install the HBLoader 1.1 in Sysnand with patches mode using RXTools. My emunand was upgraded from 9.0 to 10.5 and works fine, but I think it may have created a new sysnand that's on 10.5 aside from the 9.0 one after booting RXTools...
  7. linkenski

    Hacking I formatted and EmuNand needs to be reinstalled. How do I get it back?

    I need to reinstall EmuNand making all my games and saves work as they did before. How do I do this from here?
  8. linkenski

    Hacking How do I uninstall MSET exploit?

    I want my MicroSD management option back. How do I get rid of MSET? Booting a DS game doesn't restore it.
  9. linkenski

    Hacking N3DS touchscreen doesn't work with DSTwo when playing DS roms.

    I've got a white regular New 3DS on 9.0E and as opposed to my o3DS the touchscreen stops being calibrated as soon as I launch a DS game with DSTwo. Touchscreen works right up until I boot a game and then every point on the screen touches [X,Y] = [1,1] What gives and how do I fix it? I wanna...
  10. linkenski

    Hacking N3DS with HAX 2.5 and RXTools EmuNAND has been getting slower and slower I feel.

    Even to the point that there's now major slowdown in some of my games, not to mention, there's a 1/3 chance that it crashes when I boot homemenuhax or a CFW. I swear it used to be a lot quicker but last I checked its MicroSD was not fragmented and a scan showed no errors. It was formatted with...
  11. linkenski

    Homebrew HANS boot to black screen with 804MHz setting for every game.

    Doesn't matter whether it's cartrige legit or CIA backups. And yes, of course I'm on a N3DS and it's even fully Kernel-access with RXTools on 9.0E I'm using themehax with HAX 2.5 Or maybe I'm not, because it can't go to standby, but I did get the manual ROP install for themehax and I've gotten...
  12. linkenski

    Hacking Got an n3DS at 9.0.0-20E. Can I set up EmuNAND without a flashcard?

    I tried following the RXTools Coldboot tutorial until I realized I first need to set up EmuNAND to make it work, which requires Gateway, which I don't have physically. Is the method of launcher.dat and "go-gateway-3ds-com" impossible on n3DS? What are my current limitations for homebrew, and if...
  13. linkenski

    Hacking What can I do with old3DS on 9.9?

    9.9 is what I guess you call sysNAND? It's just the official firmware from Nintendo, no hax. I have gotten tubehax to work, but I haven't visited the HB scene since the DS days so all these new terms are slightly confusing to me. Can someone just briefly fill me in on where I can go or what I...
  14. linkenski

    Hacking Is it normal for DSTwo to be crooked fit in a 3DS?

    I have to push the side of the cartridge with my finger in the extra hole made for 3DS-specific games after inserting the DSTwo or it is a crooked fit, like, the left side is tilted downwards and it feels like it's too tight. I get a white screen upon entering TempGBA too, but not if I insert...
  15. linkenski

    Hardware Why is my SD Card so slow?

    Hey guys, i'm getting kinda frustrated that my 3DS seems rather slow at the time being. It's not so noticable in the system menu or in games like Luigi's Mansion and so on, but playing MH3U there are very noticable "freezes" whenever the game is about to bring up an in-game menu. Also in Animal...
  16. linkenski

    Gaming Is there any chance Cing will return?

    Early last year it was heartbraking for me to hear that the Developer Cing (The ones who made Another Code AKA Trace Memory, Hotel Dusk, codeveloped Little King's Story) had to shut down after going bankrupt. Hotel Dusk was one of my favorite, heck it was in many ways the best DS title IMO,and...
  17. linkenski

    Gaming Guitar Hero On Tour on R4

    i just bought GHOT for ds, and shortly downloaded it on R4 so i could play multiplayer, along using the "no grip error disable" and "ABXY custom frets" cheats. but when we start multiplayer and i host game. my friends ds just keeps saying no host. i had to download US ROM instead of EU wich i...
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