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    Need help with ams

    Hi everyone now that seems sxos is dead in the water I was going to buy a new as to put ams on it and hopefully update the cfw could someone please help me with a guide as I only know how to do the sxos one thank you
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    Hacking Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

    Hi there tried to play this game on r4i sdch 1.4.1 updated the firmware, used ysmenu even retrogamefans files. and its stil not working properly i finish the wedding level get past the cafe and then the luminator part the pzrt goes purple and then death eaters come but then it freezes. Now not...
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    Homebrew AR PRO AND GG FOR DS

    Hi there everyone im wondering if any of the snes emulators for nds and genesis emulators have cheat access or a way to put codes in please someone get back to me soon as its driving me insane trying to find it
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    ROM Hack Pokemon Fire Red

    Hi there everyone im a lil confused about something and im hoping someone can figure this out i made a Pokemon Fire Red for gba cht file which i started from here Infinite Money 29c78059 96542194 Hold R=Quick Lvl Up ccb0b003 31cff0b6 4ebc6848 26d34f8e 1cd6b3d2 6375e67d then i converted...
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    ROM Hack cheat converters

    Hi can anyone give me a guide on how to convert these codes for TMNT on GBA SP Infinite Health D0B1DE35B4A5 im not sure how i get them to work for Supercard SD but if anyone does please let me know as i am lost in the middle right now what to do
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    ROM Hack How to make cht files work with supercard

    Hi there im getting so frustrated on how to do Gameshark to cht codebreaker to cht and then action replay to cht someone must know a site where they have cht files or where someone makes them cos supercard (sd) dont update one bit and id love to make my own cht files so i dont have problems...
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    ROM Hack Gameshark codes convert to CHT

    Hi does anyone know how to convert Gameshark codes to CHT for the Supercard please
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