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  1. Weird123

    Homebrew Question Tesla Menu + AIO Updater + Edizon Overlay = No cheats loaded?

    You need to click "download cheat" again in AiO Switch Updater again every time game updated, if its you can try find cheat file on internet and manually move it to SD card
  2. Weird123

    Homebrew Question Amiibo's dumped/decrypted save data not being read by game (BOTW Wolf Link). What am I doing wrong?

    Interested in this thing, is there any video tutorial to do this? I already have emuiibo working in my switch
  3. Weird123

    Hacking Question Delete installed game DLC on switch 6.1.0

    Try tinfoil, you can uninstall specific dls or update of your game in it.
  4. Weird123

    Hacking Question What sort of Issues would i face on updating to Atmosphere 0.19.x?

    As far as i know updating atmos not gonna "broke" homebrew app but updating fw does. So you just need to drag and drop the file, and for safety reason do a backup first.
  5. Weird123

    Hacking Question question about updating only atmosphere to the latest version

    1. Nothing critical (i think) 2. I hope you use "online game" in OFW, when he says "no games require the lastest fw" i think what he means is the game you install from tinfoil.
  6. Weird123

    Hacking Issues with hacked switch and wifi now

    Yes i have, there is a default.txt in it
  7. Weird123

    Hacking Question I updated my Atmosphere switch on the Original OS and it boots up with issues

    If you use sx core/lite you need to rename "hakate file" (boot.bin if im bot mistaken) to payload.bin
  8. Weird123

    Hacking Nev in switch world

    Try open eshop for checking if you are banned or not. Idk what make you banned, but have "pirated game" installed and connect to internet will get you banned for sure
  9. Weird123

    Hacking Atmosphere/Hekate Error: Unknown pkg1 version HOS version not supported after Daybreak Update

    When i get this error in my lite, updating hakate fix the problem. Dont forget to rename it to payload.bin if you use lite too
  10. Weird123

    Hacking Any new ways to get device ID for patched switches?

    I need your longest answer
  11. Weird123

    Hacking MHRise with dlcs emunand save to legit base game

    Depend on your luck i think, because nobody know for sure how nintendo banned console
  12. Weird123

    Hacking Nev in switch world

    Idk where you can read about it, i just know from reading around all forum. If you restart it depend on the setting, if it auto rcm you will back to cfw, and it different between switch v1 and v2/lite. Its not good to use cfw in sysnand, it will get you banned.
  13. Weird123

    Hacking Help , atmosphere crash after updating both ofw and atmosphere

    Try entering maintenace mode by clicking volume up + down after a restart or when nintendo logo show up. Just exit after entering maintenace mode without doing anything
  14. Weird123

    Hacking Nev in switch world

    It means you got fw12.0.1 with Atmosphere 19.1 and you use Sysnand for your CFW
  15. Weird123

    Hacking Tesla error

    Have you try older version of telsa ?
  16. Weird123

    Homebrew Homebrew app Switch Lite Dock with Raspberry Pi and SysDVR

    As someone who dont know how to do shit on linux, it will be more awesome if you show how to install that OS, compile that thing, and install dotnet5 or any other thing. You can show it where i can read it (how to) in your video but then why would i stay to watch your video till the end then...
  17. Weird123

    Homebrew Question whats the best save tool for switch

    Im using jksv rn, because the first time im using checkpoint i cant backup my AC save file(idk if it works now with newest update)
  18. Weird123

    Hacking Question Going from SX Pro to Atmosphere with 12.0.1 EMUNAND?

    Im sorry if it sound dumb but, Are you updating your Atmos to 19.3 yet?
  19. Weird123

    Hacking Tesla error

    I dont know how to fix it because you already formatted your system and still the same problem, but maybe you forget to try using fat32 in your sd card? Or maybe try using other sd card, because i think youve already try everything
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