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  1. joshed

    Hacking Best USB Loader

    So, which loader do you think is best? I have voted, and so should you! Post if you want one added that is not here. Convenient links to all the loaders in the poll: USB Loader GX by dimok,nIxxx,cyrex et al: Configurable USB Loader by oggzee...
  2. joshed

    Hacking cIOS Downgrader probs

    I have noticed this happened to me and it happened to others. Why does cIOS downgrader hang at random points and basically doesn't work properly.
  3. joshed

    Hacking WBFS Manager that can resize WBFS partition.

    Does one exist? I need a WBFS manager that could re-size my WBFS partition, increasing or decreasing it's size.
  4. joshed

    GBAtemp RULES!

    Yeah, so I signed up last year but i frequent the place now. I spend half my day in the Wii section. This site rules. Hi to all.
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