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  1. Ra1d

    Hacking Team Xecuter OFFLINE websites.

    For me the website is up
  2. Ra1d

    Rocksteady reveals their newest game, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

    You shouldn't be surprised about this trailer. The game is coming out in 2022, so they're probably on the initial phases of development there is probably nothing to show, they're just hyping things up.
  3. Ra1d

    ROM Hack Pokemon Sword and Shield Cheats/Hacks/PKHex

    He doesn't spam over and over, he posts newer versions every time.
  4. Ra1d

    ROM Hack Pokemon Sword and Shield Cheats/Hacks/PKHex

    Use "Money doesn't decrease" cheat, buy all the outfits => stop using the cheat.
  5. Ra1d

    Gaming Play on Private/Public Lan -Play servers (Doesn't need a hacked switch, no bans, no Nintendo Online)

    You can't actually connect to the internet if your console is banned, but if you connect to a lan-play server, when you log in you will start noticing stamps of different players making max raids, trades, battles and so on which you can participate in, basically you can interact with whoever is...
  6. Ra1d

    Gaming getting the meowth gift on an nsp installed pokemon sword, safe ?

    It's safe, but you won't get the Meowth cuz you won't be able to connect to the server to receive it, cuz you're preventing connection with the DNS lol
  7. Ra1d

    Hacking So.. I have a switch which can be patched...

    The connection still goes through Nintendo servers, so if his console is banned it won't go through.
  8. Ra1d

    Gaming Sirfetch'd Has anyone figured out the Evolution?

    Worked for me, nice!
  9. Ra1d

    Diablo IV announced at Blizzcon 2019

    I don't think they're rushing the game, they even said during Blizzcon that this game isn't coming out anytime soon and pointed out "not even Blizzard soon". So this game could be 3-4 years away from release. IMO the point was not to rush a release, but to announce it this year(to save face from...
  10. Ra1d

    Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot confirms that it will have multiple playable characters

    The game looks really good, and I will definitely be picking it up day one, but really disappointed that it's from the beginning. They should have started from the end of Z when they defeated Buu and make a DB Super game.
  11. Ra1d

    Hacking XCI - Online play?

    Did you use the cert on multiple games, and how long has it been ?
  12. Ra1d

    Hacking XCI - Online play?

    It doesn't matter how legit looking you make your xci's/emulated cartridges, without a legit header they will never pass the online check through Nintendo servers, and as long as they don't you won't be able to play online. It doesn't mean you will necessary get banned, since It's been like 6...
  13. Ra1d

    ROM Hack RELEASE [D3Edit] Diablo 3 save editor (GUI Version)

    He probably lost interest in the game, which is why the project was abandoned.
  14. Ra1d

    Square Enix cancels Project Prelude Rune, dissolves Studio Istolia

    It wasn't the name of the game, it was the name of the project internally...
  15. Ra1d

    Gaming "This user cannot play this software "

    You're using it online, if you're going online with emuNAND. The point of emuNAND is to keep it offline at all times and play pirated games on it. You can go online on original firmware with legitly bought games only.
  16. Ra1d

    Hacking [Confirmed Untrue] Upcoming 8.0 fw bricking systems with auto rcm

    Mods are heavily biased towards tx here, so someone with a patched unit might end up getting screwed because "cOnFiRmEd UnTruE".
  17. Ra1d

    Hacking [Confirmed Untrue] Upcoming 8.0 fw bricking systems with auto rcm

    Leave the guy alone, he learned a new word "misleading" and now trying to make use of it.
  18. Ra1d

    Hacking [Confirmed Untrue] Upcoming 8.0 fw bricking systems with auto rcm

    Well..uhm..misleading ? Yeah that's right, misleading, cuz reasons.
  19. Ra1d

    Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox's online services are all currently under investigation by UK govt

    The fact that annoys me the most isn't the fee itself though, it's the fact that If I don't play for a couple of weeks or even months sometimes, I basically wasted that money. So at the very least even if they're too greedy to offer online services for free(even though there are a lot of games I...
  20. Ra1d

    ROM Hack RELEASE Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission Hex Editing

    I've seen your previous post : And it says here that you modified the save creation instead of play data for accessories ?
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