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    Hacking SX OS - Playing own Dumps

    My SX Pro better arrive quick then!!! :-)
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    Hacking SX OS - Playing own Dumps

    I think latest version of Wain does support type2 now. Looking forward to dumping my carts onto a 256gb MicroSD and having them available to play without taking them out with me. I suppose if somehow I do get banned, even though I am not playing illegal roms then i'll just get a 2nd Switch for...
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    Hacking SX OS - Playing own Dumps

    Hey guys. I haven't been on here for a while joys of having kids! I recently read up on the SX OS Pro etc and will order one. What I wanted to ask, since people are getting banned, if I was to purely use my SX using my own dumps of my Physical carts, is that also going to get flagged for a ban...
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    The hardest game you've ever played :)

    Gremlins 2 on gameboy. Only managed to clock it once in my childhood years!
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    Hacking Gateway 3DS Availability

    Mine arrived on 30th August in the UK and I was on a flight going on holiday! Got to wait until I get back to use it! If it came 24 hours before, could have taken with me!!
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    Wii #1194 - Rogue Trooper: Quartz Zone Massacre (Europe)

    Lucky i made a custom box cover today, in anticipation of this leak!
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    Wii #1191 - Dead Rising: Zombie no Ikenie (Japan)

    Just so everyone knows, Trucha cant open this, but WiiScrubber 1.2 works fine. :-)
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    Wii #1191 - Dead Rising: Zombie no Ikenie (Japan)

    @ Gaisuto My bad, Capcom indeed, my mind has been on HOTD since it came out, wasnt expecting any sort of release for Dead Rising this week. Haha But anyway, looking forward to trying it out. Anyone tried the new Metroid? Or did they already clock it on the 360!! hahaha
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    Wii #1191 - Dead Rising: Zombie no Ikenie (Japan)

    Chances are, knowing Sega, alot of the ingame stuff is in English, perhaps just Dialogue in Japanese. We wont know until its posted to test! Theres still plenty of zombies on the screen at a time, dont listen to the idiots who still havent actually seen it and just guess. If you dont want to...
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    Wii #1017 - Cooking Mama: World Kitchen (USA)

    Woop, still at office, i guess freeloader would also work, but Gecko best option since 3.3 mashup freeloader. You miss luzz? NTGBATEMP
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    Wii #0995 - Need For Speed: Undercover (Europe)

    Are you sure it needs 3.4E? I run it on a 3.2E Wii with D2Pro and it only isntalled 3.3E and worked fine. I havent tried it on my own Wiikey 3.2E because i dont want to update just yet. I have nice homebrew running and dont want to do anything that will mess it up, even with downgraders around.
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    Wii #1007 - Sonic Unleashed (USA)

    It DOES have an update, which im guessing is 3.3U. I guess if the person who said it didnt have one, probably either had 3.3 or 3.4 installed. It may even have 3.2U, i cant check it cos i removed it already. LOL
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    Wii #0995 - Need For Speed: Undercover (Europe)

    Hmmmm Interesting. Well, i tried removing the update and playing it on my PAL 3.2E, no luck, so tried with Gecko... got the following error: #002 An Error has occurred. Press the Eject Button, remove the Game Disc and turn off the power to the console. Etc.... Hmmm... perhaps you need a...
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    Wii #0879 - Disaster: Day of Crisis (Europe)

    Firstly, there is no way they will start checking save games, firstly that is invasion of privacy and probably illegal, secondly you could have got those saves on your wii by using freeloader, which is not illegal and neither is importing originals, ive been importing since the snes days. Also...
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    Wii #0848 - FIFA 09 (Europe)

    I love the new controls and as someone said above, if you want classic football action, use the GC pad - at least you have the option. The new control scheme is great, im still getting used to not having to press B for through ball like in 08, because of the new point and pass/ through pass...
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    Wii #0840 - Rock Band (Europe)

    Ah yes, release group is wrong above, but release name and filename are ok :-)
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    Wii #0840 - Rock Band (Europe)

    This has the IOS37 Update, so needs to be removed if you dont want 3.3E on your Wii!
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    Wii #0836 - Samba De Amigo (Europe)

    I have removed the update and works fine on 3.2E.
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