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  1. EverlongNDS

    Hacking Spray Painting my DS Lite...

    If your thinking in spray cans,its a stupid idea
  2. EverlongNDS

    Temper Pics - Post Them Shits Up, Son

    ~Thaaaaaaaaaaat's what im talking about! XD (yup,i haven't said anything yet but,my point is made xDD) i need to post one of myself soon edit: do a smoke ring!!
  3. EverlongNDS

    This 'temper Totally Looks like:

    I vote for sticky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. EverlongNDS

    Worst Movies Ever Made

    The last movie of Superman
  5. EverlongNDS


    I temporarily lost my rumble pack and while I was searching,out of nowhere it hit me. Is there any major diferencces betwen brands of rumble packs? EDIT: dude,what a FAIL in the title xDD sorry about that
  6. EverlongNDS


    This is pretty interresting dude But black metal,personaly i think that the voices are crap and the music is just to easy to play =| but anyways,many kinds of music,for many kinds of ppl.
  7. EverlongNDS

    Hacking Touchpod or Sakura?

    Use DRIVESORT to order the files alphabetically by their long name and it will work on touchpod too
  8. EverlongNDS

    Gaming Windows Vista,got a Blue Screen,HELP!

    Install Windows 7 ultimate
  9. EverlongNDS

    Hacking Do I need both Sakura and System? (M3i Zero)

    Yeah I know.but if you dont have a touchpod in there too,i can't play anymore,until you reformat it.
  10. EverlongNDS

    Hacking Do I need both Sakura and System? (M3i Zero)

    FOlow the link in the post above. It contains both sakura and touchpod. Sometimes sakura freezes but Touchpod will load and thats handy if you are far from a computer
  11. EverlongNDS


    does cheating count as an actual victory? I think not
  12. EverlongNDS

    Hacking Acekard HELP!!!

    Poor chair
  13. EverlongNDS

    Hacking M3i Zero-Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

    oh,I see. anyways,you need to fix zelda,and if your SAV is corrupted,I ain't seeing many options besides erasing it.... sorry mate
  14. EverlongNDS

    Hacking Blank screens with steady power.

    dude.. i wish someone can help you out. sounds like a serious thing,but stay cool!
  15. EverlongNDS

    Hacking M3i Zero-Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

    Hello and Welcome. Folow these steps: -Download the latest firmware and check this out
  16. EverlongNDS

    Hacking Wallpapers M3 Sakura

    what do you think of mine?
  17. EverlongNDS

    ROM Hack Full pokemon game hack?

    Nop, and no
  18. EverlongNDS

    Hacking Whats the correct file structure for the MicroSD?

    Yes it is.but if you want to add some skins: -create 4 folders inside the SYSTEM folder. -name them skin1,skin2,skin3,skin4 -extract the skin files to the skin per folder
  19. EverlongNDS

    Hacking flash cart cant be read by ds

    It depends on the card.some load even without the SD,others not.
  20. EverlongNDS

    best GB and GBC games

    mario bros DX
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