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  1. leeday100196

    Gaming Should I trade in Nintendogs when I get OoT?

    Hey guys, I'm in a moral quandry this time. I want to get OoT, and I have sufficient money to get it WITHOUT trading in my only 3DS game (Nintendogs Golden Retriever), but I'm considering trading it in, as once I get OoT, I won't be motivated to feed my dogs each day. HOWEVER, the other side of...
  2. leeday100196

    I'm sorry, but it's not me who should be.

    Dear Temper friends, A few weeks ago we were joined by the likes of a certain Sethevere, who joined without realising what actually goes on around here. He has made some REALLY stupid mistakes in his short time here, but we can only hope he learned from it, and that he won't make them again...
  3. leeday100196

    Gaming Collector's Edition LoZ: OoT pack!

    Nintendo has just announced its latest money-making scheme brilliant idea: A collector's edition Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time pack! This pack will contain an actual, working Ocarina of Time instrument and sheet music of the songs! And guess the best bit! It costs (in Australia) only $69.99...
  4. leeday100196

    Gaming 3DS firmware update

    Hey guys, leeday again. What do you guys think about the next firmware update? We know that it opens up a few more features on our shiny new consoles, such as the Internet Browser, and the System Transfer service. However, there is the possibility to brick some of our flashcarts, though no-one...
  5. leeday100196

    Hardware 3DS room for improvement

    Hey guys, Leeday again. I know a lot of people have thought about this question and complained about certain aspects of the 3DS, and as far as I can tell, I'm the first person to actually ask this question. What would YOU improve about the 3DS (or future Nintendo handhelds, for that matter)...
  6. leeday100196

    Gaming Aussie Gamers, EB selling 3DS for $174 if u trade in your DSi

    Hey guys, leeday again. Just been into my local EB again and on launch, if you trade in your old DSi/XL, you can now get it for a puny $174! (If you pre-ordered like me, then take the amount you ordered with off this price obviously. if my point isn't clear enough, how about this: I preordered...
  7. leeday100196

    Gaming ModNation Racers GBAtemp mod

    Hey yall, As you probably don't know, I'm a massive ModNation addict, and everyone who plays ModNation knows that the best part is the creativity! So I was busy this weekend playing ModNation, and I thought, maybe I could make a GBAtemp mod. I checked the DLC store for other mods, and none came...
  8. leeday100196

    Hardware Australian 3DS launch list

    Okay all you Australian Tempers, get your mad face ready! Here is what I have collected from around the Net and my local area: The 3DS is only going to have TWO games available for purchase in Australia, this is according to the email I received from Nintendo Australia and on the site itself...
  9. leeday100196

    Hardware 3DS hacking and flashcarts

    Here's some food for thought: Due to the 3DS apparently having automatic updates via Wi-fi, there will be more pressure on the flashcart providers to produce a flashcart that can block the updates and run 3DS games. What are you guys' thoughts on the kind of flashcart that will need to be...
  10. leeday100196

    Gaming black ops ds collectibles help

    hey guys i need a bit of help here. i have reached 48/50 collectibles in the DS version of black ops and im wondering where the last two are located. I'm missing one from mission 15: payback, and one from mission 16: cold feet. if someone could help me out here it would be greatly appreciated...
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