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  1. javicrazy

    A Potential fix the Nintendo Switch's Joycon Drift Has Been Found After Many Years

    Anyone tried already if that method works?
  2. javicrazy

    Gaming Downgrade of Bravely Default 2

    Both Bravelys were awesome, the art style is unique and the fact they keeping it from my point of view is a plus. Higher graphics, textures etc may make it look better, but we already have other shittons of jrpgs like that. What makes Bravely shine against those others might be his gameplay...
  3. javicrazy

    Comment by 'javicrazy' in 'Everyone get's weirdly hostile about strange things.'

    Dude, I for example use SX and i give 3 forks to the new update till a game i want to play asks me for a higher fw. Why would anyone be salty about it?
  4. javicrazy

    Gaming ACNH has reached new HEIGHTS

    I never played any AC but could u make a mess on his island? Like filling it whole with some trash stuff that has to be cleaned.
  5. javicrazy

    Handheld for emulators

    I personally love the Gpi case because nostalgy and that, can run up to psx i think.
  6. javicrazy

    Hardware I basically patched my own switch - please help.

    Yes. He is probably right
  7. javicrazy

    Hardware I basically patched my own switch - please help.

    To go into rcm mode you must put the jig in the rail and press vol+ and power. auto Wait, do you have the right payload in the sd?
  8. javicrazy

    Hardware I basically patched my own switch - please help.

    so basically you cant get into rcm mode. First i would check the pcb, maybe u left some tin shorting 2 pads or smth
  9. javicrazy

    Which video game have you played the longest?

    Right now for me is the perfect time to play some other games xD
  10. javicrazy

    ROM Hack Question How big is the Splatoon 2 hacking community?

    I know its out of the topic but does people play DemonXMachina in those places too?
  11. javicrazy

    Hacking EZ Flash Jr made my Game Boy Color self-rest

    Did u try to reboot it?
  12. javicrazy

    Hacking Question Guys I need SERIOUS HELP! BLACK SCREEN!

    Try to boot with reinx and delete with that?
  13. javicrazy


    I just want to forget yesternight party.
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