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  1. ibis_87

    Relations in a gamer's family

    Hi, everyone! Would appreciate it, if anyone could give a piece of advice on the following situation. Opinions are also appreciated It's about my relations with my current GF and the future wife You see, I'm a gamer (no surprise since I post here, but still). By "gamer" I don't mean...
  2. ibis_87

    Gaming FlingSmash Hype Thread!

    Today is the release date of FlingSmash, and several stores already have it as far as I know, so it's time to create a hype thread! After all, it's a first party release with Motion+ support, and, according to the gameplay vids, it is rather fun. Nintendo Power has given it 7.5 out of 10...
  3. ibis_87

    Gaming Looking for a Last Window save file

    Good day, ladies and genlemen! Will anyone be so kind as to share their save file for Last Window: Secret of Cape West (#5140 by the local numbering)? Mine's got corrupted I was right in the beginning of Chapter 4. Anywhere near it will do. Not sure if it matters, but the cart I'm using is...
  4. ibis_87

    Hacking Clarifying my Acekard 2i's death

    Gooood day here, ladies and gentlemen! I started this thread to try to find out, what has happened to my first Acekard 2i. It was the one from the first batch, with the Actel chip bumping a little bit from the front, bought in December 2008, not long after the DSi Japanese release. I was happy...
  5. ibis_87

    Hacking Is AKAIO 1.6RC3 coming anytimw soon

    If it's possible, I would like to ask the GBATemp AKAIO team a question. This is what I found in the section: "GBATemp and Scene News": The final part reads: "AKAIO 1.6 RC3 is in the final stages of BETA testing and should be...
  6. ibis_87

    Hello, evryone!

    Hello, Ladies (who knows, they might pay attention to gaming ) and Gentlemen! I bet you thought it's just another introduction topic Well, it is, except for the fact I'm from Russia, which doesn't seem to be very common here Anyway, let me do a proper introduction Nice
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